Vicious Magazine: July 1998 Issue

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Doing a part time job for 12 hours feels really long, doesn't it. Its especially dreadfully long when its a 12 hour night shift.
Mana-chan would say "This theme is so difficult~" many times over when Kami-kun would say "Mana-chan, don't you have anything to say?" (laughs).
It seems these two aren't usually together….
But nevertheless, with Mana-chan's time of working part time jobs…. This precious conversation is fully loaded!! muhuhu♥


-- So, the theme is things that you ritualistically do.

mana: hmmm… this is going to be difficult.

kami: Have you noticed the time when there are always double numbers? Whenever I look at a clock its always 11:11 and such.

-- Doesn't that feel like 'no way!'?

kami: No, I'm happy (laughs). Also, when I'm talking on the phone at night, every time I look at the clock its always 2:14 (laughs). or midnight (laughs). Further more, this happens every day. Mana-chan, has anything come to mind?

mana: hmm… (laughs). This theme is difficult……hmm…….

kami: I also enjoy collecting things in 7's (laughs). But well, thats not at all ritualistic, is it (laughs). Mana-chan, nothing?

mana: hmmm……when I was a boy I was a bicycle maniac. I was attached to the makers, and I would never write anything until I had gone at least 60 kilometers. I was particular about how easy it was to getting the hang of a particular maker.

kami: so it was a speed ritual.

mana: Yeah. I would go up to it's speed limit. The bicycle I had at that time was not a Roadman, but a Sportsman type, with gears and a semi-drop bar… now days they don't really sell those anymore.

kami: Those were popular, weren't they. They were the ones with the fog light.

mana: it was great there were so many switches. They usually had 5 gears, but when there were 6 I would be like "theres 1 too many!" (laughs).

kami: Also, talking about these things, I save up 500 yen coins! (laughs). Last year my friend saved up 30,000 yen in a piggy bank but I'm already approaching that goal myself.

-- How long did he save up for?

kami: 1 year! Speaking of which, a fan also sent me a 500 yen coin inside a letter (laughs).

mana: Really? Well, I'm saving a 10,000 yen bill (laughs).

kami: I absolutely never use 500 yen coins. When I go shopping I always make sure to bring back a 500 yen coin with me from my purchases, and at the convenience store I ask if they will exchange 5 100 yen coins for a 500 yen coin (laughs). Mana-chan, don't you have anything else?

mana: hmm…….

-- Is there anything you always have to do in the morning when you wake up?

mana: aahh, when I have work the next morning, even though it too early I wake up at the crack of dawn around 5 am and think "its already that time." but its become a bit of an unpleasant feeling. Therefore I always fall asleep in the car when its moving.

kami: Because you're busy. I enjoy sleeping in cars.

mana: yeah, yeah Its really nice (laughs).

kami: Even though I say its a fun way of living, I'm by no means exaggerating (laughs).

mana: Yeah, thats right. In my indies days I was a chauffeur.

kami: (laughs) a chauffeur….

mana: It was my duty to drive (laughs). Thats when the mornings were ritualistic for me. Everyone would call me and wake me up.

-- All the band members would wake you up?

mana: Yes! they would wake me up by calling and then I'd have to go to the member's houses to pick them up in my car. That was hell. I would cry while doing it (laughs). Also, there were several times when even though band members would call I wouldn't wake up (I wonder who it was?). I'm not tied to the phone (laughs).

kami: Incidentally, I am never late for anything. When I have an appointment, I make sure to leave early incase of traffic so I can arrive on time. Mana-chan, don't you have anything else? (laughs)

mana: ………I do! I did this many times! A long time ago, I had a part time job at a video rental shop, but when sales were low I'd rent things myself.

-- Really? Was that your duty?

mana: I had night watch and morning watch, and on the morning watch I was the manager so it was my responsibility if the morning sales were bad. Therefore, when customers would loiter in front of the shop but not come in I'd get impatient (laughs).

-- It must have been because you didn't have anyone at the video rental shop who could be a street advertiser (laughs).

mana: Thats right. Since we didn't have anyone to yell out "We have good videos" usually people would just loiter (laughs).

kami: I was thinking that too! Heres another thing! The band I was in before I joined MALICE MIZER now has a drummer who was born on the same day and year as me. Its strange (laughs).

mana: I thought about that too (laughs). A long time ago I had a part time job inspecting cups at a factory, but at that factory for 24 hours the cups would continue in their rotation an infinite number of times (laughs). In one day I would work there for 12 hours, but since the cups on the conveyor belt would keep on going for eternity I could never say "I finished". That was terrible. Moreover, there was a roof, but no door so the north winds coming in at winder time would make a whistling noise. But all ever saw was cups… (laughs).

-- (Laughs) That was probably an agonizing job.

mana: It was agonizing. It was torture (laughs). Even now when I dye my hair I think about that kind of company work, but at that time I also had a part time job delivering tissues so I was confined that kind of job and working for factories (laughs).

kami: yeah, thats right. Like parcel delivery.

mana: Luggage also goes through a conveyor belt (laughs). When I got to Tokyo I had been in charge of luggage and making sure other people's luggage got to the right place. Even though it was leisurely, the intense luggage would always come to my place only (laughs).

kami: It brings back memories even now when you see the luggage counters at airports, doesn't it (laughs). Doing a part time job for 12 hours feels really long, doesn't it. Its especially dreadfully long when its a 12 hour night shift.

mana: yeah, yeah. But an infinite number of cups for 12 hours just wells up. I still have hallucinations from it (laughs).

MALICE MIZER (mana & kami)

Japanese Punks, Visiting the train station building!
98.4.24 Ebisu Studio

We reached a point where we could take a break doing a photoshoot at the studio. At this time they [Mana and Kami] wanted to do "ordinary things" for MALICE MIZER that for me would be "event things".

"I want shampoo~" (Mana-san)
"Then, shall we go shopping!? (Arai-san from the Office)
"Ah, I'll go too. Where are we going?" (Kami-san)
"Although this is Ebisu station's train station building, theres a shopping mall called "Atore" here" (Arai-san)
"Ok♡" (Mana-san) & "Let's go" (Kami-san)

Really? Just as they are in their costumes and make up!? This was a new task…and in short, going to a department store? I was nervous, but level-headed, I went along with them. So, the two went in to look…. When the door opened everyone was doing a double-take and old women weren't able to walk properly when staring. Girls who were eating deserts at the tea house gathered. There were various responses…. But, the two loved all the facial expressions as they walked by…. "This isn't normal" I wanted to die in this state of affairs. But then caught up in the moment, I requested "Can we do a pose with the Vicious magazine (June issue) where MALICE MIZER is on the front cover at the book shop?"

"Okay. Let's go!"they said together; their generosity was great. A crowd intruded the magazine corner…, er, no~, it was great advertisement! For the people who don't have the June issue, its a back number issue so check it out!! (Tooru)

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