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Moi dix Mois
Dis inferno VIII Presents D+SECT Release Live ~Dark Xmas Eve Night~

December 24, 2010 @ Ebisu LIQUIDROOM

I visited the holy night where a dark and deep world was spun in aesthetics and madness. On the axis of the same musical work, it was called a release commemoration of the "D+SECT" album. An elegant melody and the destructive rifting & drumming tinged with gloom had the guests head banging. The beautiful and transient co-existing sound developed an ordinance with the edge of aggressive twin guitars. Several inset words such as "hexagram" and "the third gate" in the depth of an apparition language tied this masterpiece together. Furthermore, its easy to imagine the flawless world Moi dix Mois established when listening to the earlier numbers and the current compositions together. Then, at the second encore Mana (Gu) came out dressed as Santa peacefully directed the large chorus to "Silent Night". This live was like being in another world.

Photographer: Mayumi Fukaminato / Article by: Hiroshi Ishida

Set List:
SE.In paradisum 1.The Seventh Veil 2.Witchcraft 3.The SECT 4.Sanctum Regnum 5.Dies Irae 6.Divine Place 7.front et baiser 8.Dialogue Symphonie-x 9.Agnus Dei 10.Metaphysical 11.forbdden 12.Pendulum 13.Immortal Madness 14.Dead Scape 15.Vizard <ENCORE1>SE.The Pact of Silence 1.Ange〜D side holy wings〜 2.Xanadu 3.deus ex machine SE.Baptisma <ENCORE2>1.Silent Night SE.Pomp and Circumstance

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