Over time, it seems Mana related items are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain for overseas fans. Being in Japan and having the opportunity to often purchase from Moi-meme-Moitie, the Midi: Nette shop, etc on my own I have now decided to branch out and help fans who aren't in Japan be able to purchase the same items that are only available here!

If you are interested in purchasing any Mana related merchandise (Moi-meme-Moitie, Moi dix Mois, MALICE MIZER, etc) that are difficult to purchase outside of Japan, then read on!!

This is a shopping service only

I do not have a full stock of items for sale on my own, so whatever you would like to purchase through me will either be ordered online and shipped to my Japanese address or I will physically go to lives and/or stores for your convenience.

Having said that, there are a few fees you will need to be aware of.

†Item price
†Japanese consumption tax
†paypal percentage
†shopping service fee
†Shipping within Japan

This may sound like a lot at first, so I will break it down.

The item price is as you see on any catalogues or websites.

Japanese consumption tax is a 5% charge on credit cards used in Japan. I will be paying for items by credit card, so its important to remember that this 5% charge will need to be added to your order total.

Paypal percentage fee -- Unfortunately paypal now charges to receive money from anybody. In order to receive the right amount to pay for your item, you will also need to pay paypal's flat rate fee 40 yen + 3.9% charge.

My shopping service charge is a standard 15% on the price of your total order (without shipping).

Shipping within Japan is fairly cheap -- about 625 yen for domestic shipments, which will be calculated onto online orders. If the shipping expense becomes higher than this, I will let you know on an individual level.

Shipping -- There are several ways to ship your items including EMS, Airmail, Economy Airmail, and surface mail. Most people will probably choose to use EMS as it is the most reliable and cheapest method of payment.

Please review the following shipment details:

Shipment Method Number of Delivery days Estimated Price
EMS 4 Days approx. 1,500 yen
Airmail Approx. 1 week 860 yen
Economy Mail (SAL) Approx. 2 weeks 860 yen
Surface Mail Approx 2 months 800 yen

These are prices of items of standard weight (ie CDs, clothes, band merchandise), however the Japanese postal system is based on weight, so the weight of your package can effect how much it costs to ship it. EMS is also traceable, so once your package is shipped you can track where it is online.


As of right now, I only accept paypal for payment. I also would request you send all payments to me in Japanese yen.

My paypal address is lolitadoll.mana (at)

As far as WHEN to pay, I need to receive payment before I purchase your item. Once it has gone through payola acceptance and I have obtained the money I will order the items you asked for and keep you updated on the status of those goods.


I am willing to make preservations on items as well! However, once you preorder an item you must keep that reservation, so you will have to send a deposit to me if you cannot pay the full amount right away. The deposit will be based on however much your item costs, and in the end your deposit amount will be deducted from your total.


Once your item has been ordered I do not accept returns. However, if a wrong order or a damaged item comes to me, I will try to exchange for you. I am not liable for any damages within international shipping so I will try to make sure all items are shipped secure when sent to you.


Okay, here is the fun part!!

I have set up a form for you to fill out with basic information. Upon receiving that email I will respond to you about your order and give you a clear price calculation + invoice. After receiving your payment, I will go ahead with the order and keep you updated on your items until they get to you!

To fill out the shop form, click the link below!!! Shop Form