Translations from CD SKiT! Vol. 6 -- November 1998
This page contains translations from 3 different sections of the magazine containing Mana interviews, questions, and information. Each part will be split up, so you know which article scan goes with each section.

Featured Sections:
1. Mana's Games 2 (+ Annotations)
2. Yomiyomi Land
3. MALICE MIZER Questions (Mana's part only)

Mana's Games 2 Article Scans
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Mana-Sama's Games 2
Mana-Sama's Games Returns

● The most popular within the industry is Mana-Sama's series called "The Big Rampage Page" which has been running often on his hobbies. We're running swiftly with it this time as well. Are you well prepared everyone? At last Mana will appear in full blown Anime style cosplay. Mana himself is even greatly fired up in a historical new display in a Character cosplay! Wow~, he looks great as always, its good, isn't it.

Who is this month's guest, Mr. Hideki Inami?

Originally from Kokura-shi, Fukuoka, he is a 24 year old into games and anime. Up until recently he has been managing a retro game specialty shop called "8bit" in Kanawaga. He got to know Mana as a customer who came to his shop. He received a great shock upon playing "Galaxian" when he was in kindergarten. From arcade games and computer games all the way to experience with all the home use consoles, he has been charmed by the wonderful visuals of the PC Engine and empathizes with Mana in many ways.

Speech Bubble:
Its a conversation surrounding vintage game consoles

The time before last time was a negligee, last time was a yukata, and now [the picture] above is a concentration on cosplay. Since the home visit & negligee appearance was popular last time, we are once again having a "Mana-Sama's Games" conversation.

"I might as well do a Game character cosplay"

So with such aspirations, Mana went to the "COSPA SHOP" in Shibuya. Usually they have complete sets of anime and game character items. Welcomed in by the shop, Mana began to choose his costume. Often choosing goods from the middle [of the store], he concluded on this costume as his most favorite.

Becoming an anime character rather than a game character, Mana's cosplay is Captain Misumaru Yurika from the anime "Mobile Battleship Nadesico" [official English title, "Martian Successor Nadesico"]. Until now Mana has never made an appearance anywhere in an Anime style cosplay. By the way, it seems Misumaru Yurika is 20 years old…….

Not only having enough with just cosplay Mana suggested we plan on inviting a guest this time. So he elected Mr. Hideki Inami.

"One day in a magazine titled "Used Games" I noticed Mr. Inami and his store he was working in called "8bit" (Unfortunately its closed now) so I went to take a look at it. Thereupon he addressed me kindly. Up until now I've never had such a deeply moving experience at a game shop." (Mana)

"At that time Mana asked me about some games he was searching for and had me get in touch with him as soon as I received any goods that looked like something he wanted. Later I contacted him when I was on the verge of closing the shop down and he leaped in buying tons of things. A lot of customers usually come when a store is close to closing (laughs)" (Inami)

Mr. Inami didn't know what kind of person Mana was when he had talked to him.

"I thought to myself, I wonder if he does music? but I never would have guessed he was someone from MALICE MIZER" (Inami)

Despite who Mana is, It didn't take much time for these two to hit it off with their love for games on the exact same wave length. Also this time it took almost no effort for them to talk about games, especially Mana's collection of the consoles PC Engine and [Sega] Mega Drive that had been named before.

Mana "Mr. Inami's shop was selling good consoles for cheap. Its important that its cheap. Its like the concept I empathize with in "Houcho Nin Ajihei" of how curry is said to be a working class food, so for me cheap is important."

Inami "(laughs) Mana, you like the PC Engine, don't you. I was also taken aback by the graphics at that time."

Mana "Its already been more than 10 years ago, but I was impressed by how games were able to have the same kind of graphics as in game centers. In the beginning I got into Necromancer; it was realistic by the way of how blood splattered. As for the PC Engine, the software was not a card, was it. It surprises me how data is put on such small cards or CDs."

Inami "Then the Start Button became RUN. It felt like a new era had come."

Mana "And to being able to use a CD-ROM for the first time at home. I felt surprised when I saw the game's images for the first time. (laughs) As for the DUO console, its design that looked like a thin power book was also ground-breaking. Moreover, when trying to implant game center games into the Famicom, many of the implementations didn't come out perfect. So that was a good point of the PC Engine."

Inami "What would be your ideal game to play now, Mana?"

Mana "I like car games, so a game where you could travel from Hokkaido to Kyushu. The scenery would also change, and you could visit a perfect gas station and service area. It would feel like a driving simulator throughout all of Japan"

Inami "So the final form of the game would be like a complete virtual reality, wouldn't it. You could walk wherever your imagination takes you. By the way, wouldn't it be great if a MALICE MIZER game was developed?"

Mana "It would be difficult to create a balance of the 5 members of MALICE MIZER. There would have to be a protagonist, but then the existence of a protagonist wouldn't be very good. It would be difficult to compile. If it was do-able, I'd want to try my hand at completely making it all the way from the planning stage."

Thats great, isn't it. Will they try to create a MALICE MIZER game? While we pray for some kind of resolution, we look forward to Mana-Sama's complete makeover in the next issue. It will be released in December. Maybe he will plan something for Christmas?

Here are some rare gaming consoles Mana-Sama owns

On the day this article was covered, Mana-Sama brought one part of his collection. Photographed from the top left, Mega Drive 2 & Mega CD 2, Mega Drive & Mega CD, PC Engine DUO, PC Engine DUO-R, PC Engine DUO-RX, PC Engine (First edition model) & CD-ROM^2, (The small consoles below that) PC Engine Core Graphics II, PC Engine Core Graphics, From the lower left, Sega Master System, Sega Mach III, Sega SG-1000, PC Engine Super CD-ROM^2, PC Engine Shuttle. Also, we have a message from Mana-Sama. "Thank you everyone who looked at the issue before last and sent me game information. I'm continuing to take your letters. Is there anyone who is willing to tell me about the Sega console SC-3000 in particular? My best regards." You are more than welcome to send references of other rare projects to Mana-Sama as well.

The cosplay this time was in collaboration with the wonderful store COSPA SHOP

"COSPA SHOP" is located at the top of Shibuya's Dougensaga, where you can buy the costume that appeared this time. The full set "Martian Successor Nadesico" captain costume is 52,600 yen. We also sell T-shirts for a moderate price. The shop is always thriving with young customers and as a character item support shop. Since we can make items related to any kind of anime or game character costly you like, why not come and consult with us for an estimate budget for a deep costly? Of course, original designs are also OK. For those interested, call 03(3770)3383. Its also fun to come to the shop just to look at the costumes and daydream.


Mobile Battleship Nadesico" [official English title, "Martian Successor Nadesico"] & Misamaru Yurika

OK, I'll admit right now, I'm probably one of the last people you want to come to about anime. I don't really watch it myself, so this information is going off what I found on the internet:

Nadesico is an anime series that ran from 1996-1997 and contained 26 episodes. Its a comedy Sci-fi anime based around this the crew in the photograph that are fighting aliens for the safety of earth (Apparently earth is at war in this series). The catch to the series is that all the characters have some sort of personality disorder and all the female characters (especially Captain Misumaru Yuriko, who Mana is cosplaying in this article) are in love with the male character who is not ambitious about war and just wishes to become a chef.

You can find out more information about the series on Wikipedia: Martian Successor Nadesico

Here is a picture of Misumaru Yuriko by herself to compare to Mana's costly.

Houcho Nin Ajihei

Again, another anime reference. This one has been available in manga format for some years now, and based on my research it has also been turned into a TV Drama rather than an animated series. As far as I'm aware, this series doesn't run outside of Japan, so there is no official English title. If roughly translated, it would be something like "The Kitchen Knife Flavor Novice".

This has been a favorite manga series of Mana's for some years now and he still continues to read it.

Basically the plot is about a boy about high school age trying to become a chef so he seeks employment at a restaurant and learns various cooking skills and enters various cooking competitions as he tries to become a professional. The series was first published in 1973 in Shounen Jump, a huge telephone book sized monthly manga magazine/book (Mook for short) containing several manga series. Today of course this manga can be found on its own and the series seems to still be running, but perhaps not on the exact same story line as the original. I see this manga floating around convenience stores monthly and bought a copy some months ago, but haven't really gotten into the series myself. However, this is at least how I know its still around.

Hokkaido to Kyushu

For those who do not understand the geographic of Japan, Hokkaido is the northern most region of the country and Kyushu is the southern most region. Basically Mana is saying he'd like to play a driving game where he can drive from the top of Japan to the bottom.

Sailor Uniform Also for those unaware of Japanese culture, a sailor uniform is a typical style of school girl uniform which female students often wear in Japan and frequently appear in Japanese anime and manga.

Part 2

Yomiyomi Land

Article Scan:

Mana-Sama fired up in cosplay from when he went to select an outfit at "COSPA SHOP". Mana-Sama was often thinking in front of costumes and turning them over.
For a moment there he said "Maybe I should choose a Sailor Uniform?" and expanded his imagination……. Isn' that great! But wouldn't you like to see Mana-Sama in a Sailor uniform, everyone?


Part 3

MALICE MIZER Questions (Mana part Only)

Article Scan:

Q: What is your biggest passion lately?
A: Eel cuisine. The craftsmanship burns in my mind. (Mana)

Q: Please tell me the scariest experience and the most beautiful experience that has happened in your life up until now.
A: An out-of-body experience (Mana)

Q: Mana-Sama, what do you think when you see people cosplaying?
A: Run towards tomorrow.

Q: Mana-Sama, what is the average mean of your pulse?
A: I don't know.

Q: Mana-Sama, what kind of women's fashion do you like? Is lolita no good?
A: Something cute.

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