Le dixieme Anniversaire: Fragments of Philosophy ~Prologue~

August 21, 2011
Author: Sarah @ Mana-Sama.net

Where do I even possibly start with this live? It literally consisted of EVERYTHING -- songs from every Moi dix Mois album imaginable! Certainly it made for the perfect prologue to the Philosophy live series.

As always, we had to wait an hour before the concert started, and the venue right from the start was already playing the Profondo Rosso theme. I have to admit, as soon as I hear songs by Goblin playing before the live I always get excited. It really sets the mood of the entire concert and gives you a sense of Mana's world.

To begin with, as all the members walked out everyone was dressed in a new outfit. They had the same basic style as always, but the most impressive was of course Mana. His outfit was similar to the white x black Moi dix Mois coordinate he wore for some years, only this time the white corset had black lacing on it with black ribbon running through the part that ties up. His blouse at the top had short sleeves with a white corset running through them, then it displayed a black cross with a type of white mesh material over it. He also had a white collar that contained a dark blue corset on it, and his long skirt was a mix of white, blue, and I think a little black. He also had corset wrist bands on that matched his full corset. Hair and make up was standard as always, but this new outfit was really an interesting combination!

Throughout the performance, various songs were played from the different eras of Moi dix Mois. Honestly, it was such a large combination I can't remember which songs exactly were played, but go listen to every Moi dix Mois album release and you'll get the idea.

During Sanctum Regnum we were told to sing the words "Sanctum ・ Regnum" during the song, but I don't think anyone really got into that. Seth had to keep telling us to say it louder, but I don't think everyone was as enthusiastic about it as Mana would have liked us to be.

During the MC, each band member got a chance to speak, except Mana who had a Moi dix Mois note pad which he made Seth read from. The members mostly talked about their favorite songs and there was something mentioned about a CD release, France, and Spain, but I didn't get it all completely...I guess we'll have to wait to see what Mana writes on Monologue†Garden. By the way, there were cameras filming the entire live of both the band and audience, so I get the feeling we will be seeing a DVD release once the live series is over!!

Towards the end of the MC, Seth would bring out each band member one by one and ask us "Whats his name??" and we would have to shout at which each band member played a small solo. When it was Mana's turn, he played the intro to Kioku to Sora from MALICE MIZER era!! At that point, everyone became extremely excited and we all started screaming in surprise.

Afterwards, Immortal Madness was played as we all screamed "dix Love!!" I was standing on Mana's side as I always do, but this time when Mana and K switched sides of the stage (which they do from time to time throughout the live) I noticed K was wearing vampire teeth today. He also has a beard again which is dyed red this time.

After a few more songs were played, the everyone exited the stage, then came back on for their encore, in which they all ran out in new clothes. This time everyone was wearing Le dixieme Anniversaire T-shirts that Mana designed and was for sale at the live today. Seth came running out holding up a large Moi dix Mois flag designed with the infamous dix decagram while Mana walked entered the stage waving around a sword to Mad Ingrain.

During the encore, the band only played one or two songs. At the end, Mana was going crazy on stage dancing around and then fell on the floor and laid there until the end of the concert. Once the song was over, Seth had to help Mana up, which Mana sort of stumbled on Seth and hugged him. At this point all the other band members left the stage, and Mana kept motioning them to come back. Seth finally had to announce for them to come out on stage because they weren't coming, and then everyone stood together holding hands and on the count of three as we screamed "dix Love!" they all jumped together and Mana ended the concert by running around hugging all the band members.

It was truly a nostalgic live tonight, with so many old songs being played. It felt like Mana wanted us to go back in time to the old days of Moi dix Mois and enjoy them with the current members of the band. It went extremely well, and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves!!

The next Moi dix Mois live will be Thursday November 3, 2011 at Shibuya WWW. I can't wait!!