Translations FOOL'S MATE Vol. 353 March 2012

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Moi dix Mois x ALI PROJECT
Superiority of Two Great Rivals, A Dramatic Fusion
A Co-starring dream at the 10th Anniversary Live Series

Le dixième anniversaries Live 2011~2012 Fragments of Philosophy ~Unusual Destiny Regime~

The gothic king and queen of Japan's music scene. It was a dream that these two people stood together on one stage, and then the day came when the two appeared co-starring together, who could imagine something like this would happen? The Moi dix Mois 10th Anniversary live series part 4 "Fragments of Philosophy ~Chapter 3 Unusual Destiny Regime~ as it was called, arrived at a climax in the middle of their last song "Immortal Madness" when Seth surprisingly uttered the words, "Arika-Sama, who made the Unusual Destiny Regime so flashy, come on out!"

Mana put up his guitar, and skillfully from the wing of the stage took her hand and escorted her onto the stage. On this day they [Moi dix Mois] performed together with Takarano Arika of ALI PROJECT. At this moment there were cheerful screams coming from the floor, wearing her white Rococo style dress, she opened her mouth to continue, "I had fun at tonight's Unusual Destiny Regime. Thank you."

Furthermore, there was no other way but to be taken aback when she held the microphone and made a fist while yelling "dix field!" with the audience. Mana, who was also wearing a white dress and playing guitar beside her seemed to be having a good time and what I thought would be a completely unlikely live. But it was an extremely special and gorgeous spectacle! The chemistry of this suitable pair made the best "appearance" in the world, and the venue couldn't help but literally transform into a surplus of joy.

In addition to that, leading the stage each individual displayed their unique genius. ALI PROJECT started out with the representative song "Seishou jorryouiki" [The Holy Virgin's Regime] leading to the middle combined with drag queen dancers unfolding a peculiar, sweet ominous decadent world. The photo of the two, Arika and Mana, depicts the secret story of how they adorned the room. Next up, A compilation of songs from Moi dix Mois' newest album "D+SECT" was the main low tone, drawing in their world of darkness into the venue. The sway these two personalities lead to the nature of "Splendid Darkness" due to an inevitable meeting between the two 3 years ago when they first met at "V-ROCK FESTIVAL" and have continued to keep in contact ever since. The result of that was this day when the two opposites came together.

The song ended and Moi dix Mois and Arika exited the stage, and while voices were wishing for an encore an announcer came through telling everyone it was the end of the performance. Not long after that the screams changed to a different meaning from the floor. Everyone had waited eagerly for the night of the Unusual Destiny Regime---. I hope this day will come again to answer is call, so I will eagerly pray.

Text by Motoko Shimizu

Translation by Sarah @