Translations FOOL'S MATE Vol. 355 March 2012

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Photo caption (in the middle): As usual for the year-end live Mana played the drums, this time to "My Way"!

Le dixième anniversaire Live 2011~2012
Fragments of Philosophy ~Part two Symposium of Oblivion Vol.IX~
2011.12.29 Shibuya O-West

Moi dix Mois
Party of Darkness

A MALICE MIZER number shows up at part 3 of the 10 year anniversary live series!

Placed behind the guitar amp at the west entrance, gothic silhouettes fell on the stage under the illumination of lights. Together with the SE the members manifested. Mana (G), with a cross prepared to light up on the body of his guitar, turned towards the pale blue lighting raining onto the floor. The audience's cheers elevated at the state of Mana's green hair. Also, waving a huge red flag with the band's name printed on it, Seth (vo) entered the stage. The ceremony began from this majestic, wildly enthusiastic scene.

Moi dix Mois is having various lives from 2011 to 2012 to congratulate their 10 year anniversary formation. This particular Shibuya O-West performance live title was "Symposium of Oblivion Dis inferno IX". This strong word described the final 2011 live, but if you wanted to put it into simple terms, you could say it was a year-end party.

As the first song "Dead Scape" was coming to an end Seth spoke. "Tonight is a big party. Its free and easy, and we have prepared a surprise song next. Brace yourselves"

From there, MALICE MIZER's "S-CONSCIOUS" began. Now the radical sound resurrected, but the floor was already at a boiling point without stopping right from the opening. Also "Go mad!" was instigated a number of times as they rushed into the metallic "Unmoved". Furthermore the live advanced in the middle as the ritual call & shout was interposed, but on this night with the violent number taking the main entree it was like a menu, and the audience threw out their bodies and hearts The members also did the same. Mana decided on the phrase as he violently head banged, and K (G) continued to shred a heinous metal riff with his weapon that was in the shape of a new guitar. Sugiya (B) and Hayato (Dr) stimulated the floor with their strong rhythms. Seth's voice rose melodically while we violent live performance. Dwelling in the Goth environment, the 5 members were like incarnations of demons.

Then during the live, it really felt like the end of the year with all the talk while drinking Jack Daniels, but that was really the point. Mana put on his blue hanten, Sugiya took on the image of a drunk salary man with a necktie wrapped around his head with a smile, and the other members one after another entered the stage with rough appearances. Also, as the punk session was unfolding Mana played the drums for his part change. After that all the members were singing enthusiastically to "Can't Take my Eyes Off of You". Several huge balloons started flying around making it truly a big party live.

Text by Yukinobu Hasegawa

Translation by Sarah @