Translations FOOL'S MATE Vol. 353 March 2011

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Image Caption: Mana(G) appeared to the audience with platinum blonde hair, a complete contrast from jet black!


Path of Conviction

10th Anniversary Series infiltrates the 2nd night!
Fragments of Philosophy ~Chapter 1 Darkness Theater~

Fragments of Philosophy is the start of a 10 year anniversary project created by Moi dix Mois as an Anniversary Live Series for 2012 . You could definitely say this time's "~Chapter 1 Darkness Theater~" was the true meaning as we delved into a world of darkness with an bewitching program.

As for their live, while the musical compositions were like story-telling, Mana's playful character showed through softening the characteristics of the style. However, as it is well known [for Moi dix Mois to do], there is are extremely interesting new discoveries every time…… Furthermore, This time since its always important for the story, there was a fresh new set list. For example, the opening "Perish" was a profound introduction, creating the illusion of walking down a long dark hallway to find oneself facing a forbidden door. Straight from the beginning various spectacles came to my mind without any interruption as I was watching the stage.

One of the characteristics [of the live] was a long MC in the middle (Popularly known as a message from Mana) which was a fun exhibition. This time Mana's blonde hair made for a complete change of this episode, and in the heart of it all, numbers from the early days were announced by the members which were chosen for the memorial CD "Reprise" (The songs were determined based on request by voting). I also heard that all the members seemed to be amazed when Mana appeared to them in the studio for the first time with his Platinum blonde hair, and it seems K even thought a new member had come [into the band]. While listening to the conversation, Mana seemed to be proud of himself (laughs). So, everyone loved the surprise of [Mana] as he used to be a long time ago, and it was pleasant to see all the members playfully enjoying the new appearance together. Also, as for the memorial CD Request voting, as a result "Nocturnal Romance" and "Solitude" came in as a tie for first place, so as promised these songs will appear based on all the comments [they received]. Planning towards 10 years, together with their fans there was a real feeling of coming together by this MC corner. Since the not so talkative Mana directly tells us everything at the venue, Moi dix Mois lives are something you will can never stop watching.

The world and style of this band has started up their commencement to 10 years. All of their concepts are particularly enjoyable. The next performance will be on December 29 at Shibuya O-West, as we were told by Seth, the vocalist, "You never know what will happen". I was considerably excited to hear of Mana's plans and ideas. What kind of discoveries will be at the next live, its sure to be big!

Article by Makiko Suda

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