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Moi dix Mois
The world of "D+SECT" is finally released live!
Dis inferno Vol. VIII

The annual Moi dix Mois final live of the year has come to be known as their "YEAR END PARTY". A great factor of this event so far is its difference, and at this one-man, Mana (G) compiled some of his favorite songs into the set list with the new album "D+SECT" which was released recently. This Christmas Eve night was a collection of the album he concentrated his time working on in 2010.

The first half was a configuration where we were able to listen to the album songs. During the climax we were able to see a new ceremony performed during the song "Sanctum Regnum". Up until now, the stage and crowd as one performed a ceremony to "dispell bound" (The evil crest = everyone doing a dix pose), but this time the sense of unity was directed with the new song. Then in the middle, while an older song was intertwined, we were called from the deep world of Moi dix Mois. Also, we were able to see and enjoy a new character whose appearance was boasted about throughout [the live]. During "Message Time" established at last in the middle of the stage, Seth (Vo) who spoke for Mana related a speech open to everyone about a new guitar. An explanation of "D+SECT" by all the members was also included, making for a very exciting moment.

In the second half, one by one extremely popular songs were announced. During "Immortal Madness" the album title and Merry Christmas were traded out with the original words and "me-ku dix" was coined to shout out. The tension rose, and the members worked to a hot climax! The usually quiet Sugiya (B) together with the wild beast guitarist K influenced the crowd, along with Seth's skillful shouting. Then Hayato's (Dr) violent beat exploded into the metal number "Vizard" which ended this portion of the concert. After that, the members reappeared on stage with a new production and make up to "Ange" for the performance of their first encore, and Mana wearing a Santa dress was a great surprise present with a 2nd encore.

On this day, being able to see Moi dix Mois' new weapon = a compilation of the new songs in the new album, could only be held in this world and staging [of Moi dix Mois]. Having a live so close to the establishment of the world of the album was a great way to end 2010. With the satisfied faces of the audience, surely they felt the same way.

(Article by = Makiko Suda)

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Moi dix Mois
Dis inferno Vol. VIII

例年、“YEAR END PARTY”と銘打って行なわれてきた、モワディスモワの年未ライヴ。 イベント要素の高いこれまでと違い、Mana(G)の嗜好を存分に打ち出したニュー・アルバム『D+SECT』を先頃リリースした今回は、セットリストにアルバム収録曲を網羅したガチのワンマン。アルバム制作に集中した2010年の集大成がこのクリスマス・イヴの一夜といえあよう。

まず前半は、アルバムの楽曲をたっぶり聴かせる構成。中でも盛り上がりを見せたのが、新たなる儀成の曲「Sanctum Regnum」。これまでは「dispell bound」がステージと客席が一体になるための儀成(邪悪の紋章=dixボーズをキメる)を行なっていたが、今回はこの曲で一体感を演出。 そして中盤では、過去曲を織り交ぜながら、より深くモワディスモワの世界へと誘っていく。また、徹底した世界観を誇る一方で、おちゃめなキャラクターが見られることもお楽しみのひとつだ。中盤最後に設けられた“伝言タイム”では、Seth(Vo)の言葉を借りて、Mana(G)がニュー・ギターにまつわる話を公開。メンバーによる『D+SECT』解説も盛り込まれ、大いに盛り上がったひとときだった。

後半では人気の高い代表曲を次々と披露。 掛け合いのある「Immortal Madness」では、アルバム・タイトルやメリー・クリスマスにかけた“メクディス”という造語を叫び合う。 テンションが高まる中で、メンバーの働きも最高潮の熱さに! 普段はおとなしいたたずまいのSugiya(B)も野獣系ギタリストのKと共に客席を煽り、Sethのシャウトも冴えわたる。そして、Hayato(Dr)の激しいビートが炸裂するメタル・ナンバー「Vizard」で本編は終了。 この後、再登場したメンバーは、新作で新たにりメイクされた「Ange」などを演奏した1stアンコールと、サンタ・ワンピを着用したManaの登場で大いに盛り上がった2ndアンコールをプレゼント。

この日、モワディスモワが見せたのは、新たなる武器=アルバム収録の新曲を携えた唯一の世界観とステージング。 アルバムの世界がより確立されていく様をライヴで至近に感じられたことは、2010年最後の大きな収穫だった。 満足げな表情のオーディエンスたちも、きっと同じことを感じていたはずだ。