Translation from B-PASS Magazine vol. 206 December 1998

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Mana (G.)

en Vogue

Obsession with Mysterious Elegance

My foundation is Elegant & Gothic. But then my obsession is mysterious elegance. Usually when it comes to clothing, my fixation on that can also be a little different. Thats because clothing is something I can display with the world of music. Sometimes it will be something cute, other times it will be something elegant, and there are even cases where it will sometimes be something strange. ● Yes, of course I'm also fixated with make up. The point is, well I guess because it has to do with using liquid eyeliner? I use Shiseido's "28℃". I've been using it already for several years now...... well no, not several years, I don't think its been around that long yet (laughs). But I've always continued to use it ever since I started doing make up so it would be a little heart breaking if it wasn't around. ● I use a lot of make up supplies. For example, I use white foundation and blue lipstick which aren't in normal cosmetics shops. Also when it comes to me with lipstick, since I don't follow my own lip line it would look bad if I didn't use something dark. If its something light the lines end up looking strange. So for that reason I use stage make up. ● When it comes to stage make up and clothing, there are various hardships that come up in their own ways. For example, when I used a wig in the early days I would add in a transparent strap around my chin. I thought it wouldn't fall off that way, because what if by chance I was on my way to a live and my wig fell off and rolled down the street (laughs). In that case I wouldn't have a life line, so I would think of the worst case scenarios possible for just in case, and thus I created a strap that goes under my chin. I did it for hats too. Tying on a chin strap was flawless. Also, skirts were difficult for me to move around in and other things like that as well. There have been a few times where my skirts have gotten caught on some kind of equipment and started to rip. There are also occasions where I've put on tall shoes and started to shake violently. But I've already practiced that issue. ● When I change clothes? Yeah, when I change clothes there are problems that can't be seen underneath. Theres a microphone that restricts me at times that I have to adjust because I also have to change my hair style. If it was only my clothes I had to change it would probably still be comfortable. I change my hair and make up for the song's image and that can be quite a chore. But thats because I want everything, my clothes, hair, and make up, to appear as one. Isn't it said that difficulties aren't thought of as difficulties? Thats how it usually feels and thats how it is for us. ● After this......well if its something I could do, I would like to do something that resembles an opera house, but thats just me personally. Because after all, there is no telling what will become of a song's concept....... In relation to ordinary clothes, I think I've been like this my whole life. Since I couldn't change myself until now, I think I will always continue on this route. This is my way of life (laughs). I'm sure if people look at me or see an appearance like mine they probably think I look like a transvestite. But thats not something that particularly matters to me. Its because different people have a different sense of value. So what if I said I decide my own path and how far I pursue it? I don't try to match fads or my surroundings, so how could I ultimately think along those lines? Those are my aesthetics and my way of life.

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