Dis Inferno VIII
December 24, 2010
Author: Sarah @ Mana-Sama.net

Where can I begin with Dis Inferno?

I got to the venue quite early this time and had to wait several hours before the concert started, but it was sooooo fun!!

So before I talk about the concert itself, I wanted to describe something to all of you who have never been to a Moi dix Mois live in Japan...Although, I think this is quite common for all concerts, its something I pay attention to. I don't know why, maybe I'm just strange, but I always listen to the music that plays within the venue before the concert itself starts.

Outside in the lobby Christmas music was playing, and I noticed some of the first songs to play were from The Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Haha, of course we need something Snoopy related to set us in the right mood, don't you think? Anyway, other than that lots of Christmas music played throughout the lobby, and upon entering the venue itself where the stage music was the music that played while waiting was a mixture of songs from the band Goblin; if you don't know this is a group that does the music for all of Dario Argento's movies and instantly I recognized the Tenebre theme!

Of course there was the Suspiria theme in the mixture as well…
hmm, I wonder how many Mana fans are actually into Argento's movies?

Anyway, suddenly after about an hour the curtains opened to In Paradisum [SE] revealing all the Moi dix Mois members standing in place with their arms held up in the air and their hands in dix signs dyed in the multicolored lights as they stood in place until the song ended.

Immediately they broke into The Seventh Veil and then Witchcraft.

I honestly can't remember the whole set list, but if I remember correctly, it was all the D+SECT songs played practically in order with a few older songs added into the mix after a short MC by Seth who announced we'd be going back in time a little.

Of the older songs that were played, we heard Dialogue Symphonie, and La dix Croix, I think...? Its been a night ago now and I haven't listened to those songs in forever, so forgive me. I do know Forbidden was played, along with deus ex machina, dispell bound, and Immortal Madness.

During dispell bound, we usually yell "dix Love!" instead of "dix sight" like how the song really goes. Also, at every concert we usually have something unique to yell during the song as well that pertains to the particular live. At first Seth was going to have us yell "Merry Christmas" but that was quite long, so Mana went up to seth and whispered to him that we should yell "メ・ク" (Me-ku) like how Mana always writes Merry Christmas on his blog every year for Christmas.

When Sanctum Regnum was played, we had to do the same hand movments as in Dispell Bound (The D-I-X DIX hand movements) but it was a little fast and somewhat confusing to keep up with... I'm sure we'll all get it in time though.

During the MC, Seth talked about Mana's new guitar. If you read the recent Monologue†Garden entry Mana wrote before dis Inferno, he said he had something to show everyone. I had a sneaking suspicion it would be a new guitar and sure enough it was! This one is called "Jeune Fille X Lazuli" The body has a vibrant blue color (The color of the Lapis Lazuli stone) in a marbleized texture with bits of gold sparkles in it. It also has a light up blue cross similar to the Jeune Fille X Bronze ~Cross Ray~ along with the Moi dix Mois logo at the bottom. Its a really beautiful guitar!!

The set on stage was also decorated beautifully. The stage was set with iron gates in the background with blue roses intertwined within the bars and along the bottom of the drum set.

After the main part of the concert, there was a Christmas celebration with all the Moi dix Mois members. Suddenly the stage went dark and the gates lit up with blue and white Christmas lights!!

All the members changed from their stage outfits for the most part and added Christmas accessories like little reindeer antlers, big sparkly bows, and Sugiya had on a Rudolf hat. They also had small toy instruments with them like tambourines and drums and maracas. Hayato had a toy drum he kept pounding on and Sugiya kept shaking the maracas he had in his hand, it was really cute!

Of course at this point in time all the Moi dix Mois members came on stage but Mana and they told us that Christmas is always famous for Santa Clause, but where was our Santa? We then had to call out "Mana Santa Sama" for Mana to come out, and finally he jumped out on stage in a black and white Christmas dress, black and white Santa hat and a tambourine of his own! He also had a teddy bear bag with candy in it and he threw all the candy into the crowd.

Instantly Seth told him he was sexy, and he could barely keep a straight face! You could tell Mana was kind of embarrassed and about to crack up at any second! He then ran up to the platform the drums were sitting on and did a curtsy to all of us, then Seth told us we were all going to sing Silent night together. The first verse was in Japanese, the second in English, and then the last verse in Japanese again. All the band members and audience sang along together, and Mana kept coming up to the edge of the stage dancing with his tambourine, holding out a microphone to us and putting his hand to his ear showing he wanted to hear us sing along.

As it ended, all the members left the stage, Mana being the last one waving his teddy bear at us as he was leaving.

Some memorable parts of the concert for me personally, was during one song Mana and K both came to my side of the stage (I was on Mana's side, but a little bit closer to the middle towards Seth) and put their feet on the railing where I was at. I had K's foot rammed right into me so I had to just stand there and hold onto his foot because I couldn't move. HAHAHA! Mana also came right up to where I was and everyone around me plus myself got to touch his guitar. At one point someone knocked against my hand and I accidentally turned one of the guitar dials all the way over for distortion, I guess you could say. The crowd was honestly VERY wild at this live and all of us in the front row were literally crushed. Everyone around me had their hands on the stage trying to keep themselves up, but I took my shoes off and climbed on the railing so I wasn't getting squished so bad. (Haha, yeah I'm really small so I can do that sort of thing without anybody noticing -- just makes me look taller unless you actually know what I'm doing.)

We were also given Christmas gifts!!

(Click the Images for larger size)

Its an autographed post card by all the members, although the autographs are printed on. Still a very nice thought! It also has a back to it:

I also got a few fliers and the new D+SECT Chronicle pamphlet.

So aside from getting squished to death, this was a very fun dis Inferno!! It was certainly a wonderful way to spend Christmas eve night, and I think it put everyone more in the spirit.

Merry dixmas everybody!!