Deep Sanctuary II at Nagoya Club Quattro
July 19, 2010
Author: Adamine

Tonight was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to Sakae too early in order to withdraw money, so I spent a good chunk of time dying of heat stroke until I just went and chilled in Yabacho station for a while. I was attempting to wait for Fuka, but I started seeing more and more Moi dix Mois fans walking out the exit that lead to Parco, so I was like, "OKAY NO MORE WAITING." and went to Parco East, to the 8th floor where Nagoya Club Quattro was. After exchanging my ticket, I stood in the area for the foreign fan club and just chilled out until I was joined by yami_no_geisha, mrs_fujiwara, and this adorable lady named Claudia who came from Mexico. We weren't standing very long when staff let us into the live house!! We all stood in front of Mana's side and all of Moi dix Mois's things were out on stage, so it looked like they were going to play first this time!

We all stood around talking for a while, when finally the lights went out and the concert started!! They exited in the usual line up, but this time they came from the right side of the stage instead of the left, like they had at Akasaka Blitz. They were also all wearing the same outfits. I am so terrible at remembering the songs they played, but of course they played dispell bound and Immortal Madness... they played Beyond the Gate and La dix croix again, and I think they played The Sect but I'm not sure. Umm... Neo Pessimist, I think... Deus ex Machina, and maybe Forbidden?

Mana came really close to the edge of the stage, and thanks to the live house being TINY, I was able to finally touch him!! Actually, one of my rings got stuck in the lace of his glove and I could not get it out. O___O Finally I just had to jerk my hand away, but in looking at his glove throughout the rest of the live, it didn't look damaged. I was ready to send him an apology email. XDD Another time he kneeled down at the edge of the stage right in front of me and I was just staring and grinning at him and reaching for him, and he played a few notes on his guitar, looked up at me, played it again, looked at me again, played it some more, looked at me once more, and stood and twirled back towards the middle of the stage. *________________* It was such a special moment for me!!! Also, he got down on his knees in front of us to play his guitar towards the end of the set and we just touched all over him. XDDD So invasive!!

Also, I caught another one of his guitar picks!! XD (Actually it landed by my purse, but I count that as "catching" :P)

After Moi dix Mois left, we had a break where Claudia, Geisha and I started talking about David Bowie, haha! They are also big fans. I love finding other fans of David Bowie -- I feel like in this day and age it's pretty rare for a lot of people to like older singers/bands (such as Steely Dan and Pink Floyd!), so I found that pretty cool. ^^

Soon it was time for Kozi's band, and he came out with his members, except this time the bassist wasn't Masahi, it was "Kosugi", also known as Sugiya with a bag over his head that he could see through. XDD Jiro (the guitarist that is so lively) was wearing a similar outfit and was barefoot again, and Chargeeeeee... was his usual crazy self. I love listening to him talk!!!! He's so weird! XDD Kozi was wearing a sort of black and white stripey shirt with a frilly leather collar around his neck, and his hair (which was a mohawk at Akasaka), was parted to one side and covering his left eye.

I think they played a similar set list to the Akasaka live. The only song I recognized from both (come to realize) was Honey Vanity. I officially want more Kozi music! Its very catchy and easy to dance to. Kozi's live was really, really fun, and I got to touch his leg! XD It was really funny through the live, because Jiro kept running up to Kosugi and trying to flip his mask up, after Kozi originally tried to do it and Kosugi held his hands up like "Noooo!" and Kozi kept imitating him. XD At the end of the live, Chargeeeeee... ran up behind him and tried to take it off. When Jiro tried it Kosugi actually chased him across the stage. XDDD

Well, after that live was over, they all walked off stage and Chargeeeeee... walked to the center microphone and I'm 95% sure he said 「マナ様いるかもねええええ?」(Maybe Manasama is here, ehhhhh?) in his crazy voice and walked off stage. People started screaming for Kozi to come back and the band finally did, wearing the tour tshirts all designed in a specific way to suit their styles. Kozi told us to call for Mana and he came out wearing the tour shirt as well, along with a short puffy black skirt and from his necklace hung three blue glow sticks like we had at the Madou Shuukai. He ran out with a squirt gun and started squirting all of Kozi and his band and then the audience!! Kozi got the gun away from him and squirted him a few times as well, while he was trying to unhook the glow sticks from his necklace and throw them into the audience. He was actually smiling and laughing, it was SOOOO CUUUUUTE.

Then, unexpectedly...

Mana came to our side of the stage and GOT OFF OF IT. He was in the space between the barriers we stood behind and the stage, and he threw himself at the four of us like, "Yay, my foreign fans!" and Claudia and I latched onto him and HUGGED him!!!!!!! It was wonderful!!! I hugged one of my most favourite people in the entire world. T______T He is so SWEEEET and his hair was so soft and oh my godddd! He tried to walk down to the other end of the stage but I wouldn't let him go. XDDDDD

Once he was at the other end of the stage, he actually ROLLED back onto it and Kozi helped him up, and together they walked off with their arms around each other waving at us. After that the live was over, but mrs_fujiwara found one of Mana's earrings that had come off when he threw himself at us. XD She gave it to a staff member to give it back to him.