Deep Sanctuary II at AKASAKA BLITZ Special Guest Yu~ki
July 17, 2010
Author: Adamine

I met up with Fuka, a Japanese friend, and saw Tooya there also. There was also two foreigners I know there.

Kozi's band was the first to go on. I'm not familiar with his music so I couldn't tell you what their set list was, but I really liked it!! I want to listen to his music now. XD His drummer was a character. Absolutely CRAZY. His name is like, CHAAAAAAARRRGGGEE or something, isn't it? XD He is HILARIOUS!! I loved watching him and the crazy faces he would make as he drummed. At one point, he was drumming so fiercely that the tip of the stick broke and flew over his head and he watched it as it did so. XD

I also liked the guitarist. He was wearing a skirt and sort of looked like a gypsy with this big necklace and jewel in between his eyebrows. He played barefoot like the drummer did, and during one song, staggered around like he was about to fall over. He was really talented on the guitar! Kozi's bassist was freaking HOT, from what I could see. He was wearing black pants, white shirt, and a black vest, pretty boring compared to what the other's were wearing, but his hair was what made him so sexy I think. XD

And finally, Kozi. Kozi is absolutely beautiful. I love the man's mouth. When he performed, he would walk towards the edge of the stage and we would all reach for him, but he would snub everyone each time and move away. His eyes were crazy and he was just really wild to watch on stage! He moves like a snake and dances pretty amusingly. XD I really enjoyed watching him live. He was wearing really baggy pants and boots with a big chunky platform, along with a shirt that sort of looked like it was Japanese style (wafuku).

They played six or seven songs and during this time, my body was pulverized into the bar in front of me and I couldn't breathe for the most part. The Spanish girl from before and her friend were directly behind me, and her friend was being shoved quite fiercely into my back and after Kozi left the stage and the lights went up again, the poor girl had an asthma attack. However, everything was soon settled and the lights went down again and it was time for Moi dix Mois!!!

A huge flag with the symbol came down behind Hayato's obese drum set, and music started playing and a red light flashed to light the symbol up. The members walked on stage one at a time. First was Hayato, then Sugiya, then K, Mana, and Seth. I immediately glued my eyes to Mana!! He was wearing his newer outfit, which is blue and black and has a big puffy type dealie on the right shoulder. He was also wearing a sort of skirt, along with his usual floral patterned tights underneath over knee black with blue lace Moitié socks. The lace looked like St. Peter's Cross Lace, so I think they are the same ones I have that were released in 2007. Over all, he looked beautiful as always, and his eyes were darting everywhere like they always are, but this time he wasn't sniffing and chewing on the inside of his mouth like he did at the Madou Shuukai. XD I guess he had a cold or something then. The other members all wore red and black, and I believe it was all Moitié made especially for them. Seth wore the Ritual Print vest coat with red stitching on the hem, for example.

I don't remember the exact set list for Moi dix Mois, but they played The Sect, Ange, Immortal Madness, exclude, La dix croix, dispell bound, and Vizard.... actually that might be all they played, lol! During the first song, Mana kissed his guitar pick and threw it into the crowd, and it fell really near me and I looked back to try to get it, and saw it was on some chick's elbow and TOTALLY snatched it off and got it. >8D He did it several other times but I was all excited that I caught the first one. XD I clutched it during the entire rest of the concert because I was so crushed I could hardly move. Doing dispell bound was really difficult because I could hardly move my arms to do d-i-x DIX!

They took a small break after one or two songs, and Seth had the Divine Cross tote back on his arm and pulled a Moi dix Mois clip board out of it. I'm not really sure what he was talking about, but according to someone else, touring South America was being thought about/arranged, he spoke of the new album, and told everyone to buy the Divine Cross tote, lol. Also we had to call the Count, and yell for Yu~ki. It was up to Mana to decide whether it was loud enough. XD He gave us a thumbs up towards the end.

Watching Mana of course is always really enchanting. Whenever he makes eye contact with me I almost wet myself. XD He's really good at making eye contact with fans, but I wish he would reach his hand out and let us touch it!! ;__; The only person's hand I touched during this whole thing was Kozi's guitarist. XD

Moi dix Mois left the stage one by one when their set was over, and Mana let his Jeune Fille screech for a while before setting it down and walking off stage. The crowd got considerably more tense as we knew what was going to come next! The curtains were drawn over the stage and instantly I got so much more excited than I already was.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, then all of the sudden we could hear the first few notes of Saikai no Chi to Bara. Almost immediately, I was filled with emotion and adoration for Malice Mizer, that I just burst into tears. I noticed that the people next to me were also crying.

Then, after the first few notes of Saikai no Chi to Bara, when the music strikes that dramatic chord, the curtains pulled back to reveal the backbone of Malice Mizer. I was on Mana's side and he stood in front of me in an EGA outfit (DAMN HIM for not wearing Malice Mizer clothes!), and he held a rose in his hand. Kozi was in the middle in a more subdued outfit, also holding a rose, and then, who we had all be waiting to see...

Yu~ki was there, on Kozi's other side, holding a rose as well. He wore a hat over his hair, which was brown and wavy and almost down to his shoulders. He wore very typical Yu~ki make up, along with black pants and shirt, and a goldish vest. He looked AMAZING. By this time my entire body was wracking with sobs as they stood there and let Saikai no Chi to Bara finish. Once it was over, they all threw their roses into the audience and Kozi came forward to talk. He informed us that the song was Saikai no Chi to Bara, lol, then pointed out Yu~ki. We all screamed our heads off and Kozi asked him something that I didn't catch, but Yu~ki said "Yabai!" about standing with Mana and Kozi during Saikai no Chi to Bara (kind of a terribly great sort of feeling, it's hard for me to translate). At one point, Yu~ki looked at Mana and said, "Manachan, are you crying?" and Mana quickly looked away. It was so cute!!

Everyone was screaming their names, but what made me start crying even harder were the screams of, "KAMI!" They had Hayato do the drumming for them, and he ran out on stage and high fived them before bowing respectfully to the drumset in Kami's honor.

Well, together they played a song that I don't think was Malice Mizer. I've never heard it before, and afterward, Kozi said they were going to play a Malice Mizer song. I had hoped against hope that it would be Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku, but they played...


The audience screamed and cried and we sang along with Kozi and at one point, Yu~ki walked over to my side of the stage. He was literally three feet away from me!! I screamed and reached for him but he didn't get very close to the audience at all! Once they finished playing, the three of them held each other on stage, then walked off of it with Kozi between them, his arms around their waists. Someone screamed "Mana, hug!" so Mana stopped and obviously did something he'd been waiting to do, and just flung his arms around Yu~ki and hugged him very tightly. Kozi then jumped on Mana's back and they all hugged and it was REALLY touching. You could tell by watching them that they were so happy to be on the same stage together again, and Yu~ki and Mana would not stop crying.

When they left the stage, the "intermission" music from the Madou Shuukai started playing -- the really slow, sad Malice Mizer sort of music. I just stood there and sobbed and prayed for them to come back (in more ways than one), and suddenly everyone started chanting "ENCORE!" Finally the three came back on stage and we screamed for them and they stood together in the middle, and Kozi gave the microphone to Yu~ki and let him say a few words (which I don't remember thanks to sobbing lol), then held the microphone to Mana like he wanted him to say something. Mana stared skeptically at Kozi, then finally reached out for the microphone like "Okay, fine", but right when it was at his mouth, he did this dramatic thing and rose it over his head and gave it back to Kozi. Kozi said something along the lines of "That's the usual Manachan", and then they all left us crying our eyes out in the audience while we screamed and cheered. As Kozi and Yu~ki walked off the stage, Mana stopped to blow kisses to the audience, then turned around and chased after Kozi and Yu~ki and jumped on their backs.

Then the live was over, and I found Tooya again who was also sobbing, and we hugged each other and cried our eyes out together, then Fuka all but tackled me from nowhere and asked if I was alright since I was still crying pretty hard. We went to get drinks and I just kept crying and she said, "It was really that great, wasn't it?" and I could just nod. After a few moments I called Sarah and by this time I'd stopped crying, but when I started to tell her about Malice Mizer, I lost it again and started crying and made her cry too. XD

ESP had also given roses to Moi dix Mois and Kozi, and their was a huge bouquet outside of the live house near the drink area.