Dark Sanctuary Concert Review from Shibuya O-East on August 19,2007
Moi dix Mois played with D'espairs Ray as their first coupling concert with another band, but this review is only about the Moi dix Mois portion of the concert.
Written by: Sarah (Mana-sama.net Web admin)

Finally it was time for the Moi dix Mois live to start after having to wait all day! I was getting so nervous, but by the time it started up I had calmed down a bit.

The music started playing and the curtain slowly opened. First you see Seth standing infront and Hayato obviously in back on drums. then Sugiya, and K, and finally Mana standing there with his arms held up in dix signs.

The first song played was Forbidden which really got everyone into it from the start. I was amazed by how powerful of a performance they have even straight from the beginning and they just don't stop!

Mana came straight up to the edge of the stage right up in my face! He did that a lot.
He was absolutely amazing!! I mean...god..words can't describe how amazing he was in person.
His black make up was put on very exagerated and sharp, yet smooth and carefully placed. His face was a little bit more powdery than I had expected.
I have to say though, I was a little sad that he has new boots now. His old ones were breaking I think, but these new boots aren't signature Mana boots...they look like something you could buy at just about any gothic shop. Also, the new boots don't even go up to the knees now.

Everyone wore the new white DIXANADU outfits and Mana used his new Jeune Fille X Gips Crossray most of the concert. He seemed to have a lot of fun making it blink, because he was really making it do that quite often.

Everything was played from DIXANADU, but they also played a few songs from Lamentful Miss and Beyond the Gate such as Deus ex Machina, Vain, and Forbidden.
Last Temptation was wonderful live and really stood out to me. It was so filled with emotion that I seriously almost started crying...but I didn't. ;D

Most of the time, I admit, my attention was focused on Mana more than anyone else, but from what I did pay attention to with the other members is how K is full of so much energy and tries to get the crowd going, which he is extremely good at, Sugiya is really cute and makes me think of a happy little cat, Hayato seems to be a very strong drummer and tries very hard, Seth is extremely animated and knows exactly what hes doing, and Mana as always, is Mana and hes absolutely wonderful in every way~
It was interesting to see how unique everyone's personalities were from each other in the band.

In the middle of the concert, Moi dix Mois stopped playing a little while to talk to the fans. Seth got out this sheet of paper on a red clip board and started reading off of it. Unfortunately, my Japanese wasn't good enough to understand what he was saying, but he kept making a lot of jokes about Mana. When he was telling jokes about Mana, Mana just kept stood in his spot adjusting his collar for a really long time and not paying attention to anything. He continued to try to adjust it all during the performance, so obviously something was really bothering him.

After that Moi dix Mois tried to teach everyone how to do the movements to dispell bound. I still didn't understand what was going on, and so I kinda just started following the crowd and whatever Mana was doing. I guess Seth said to put your right arm in the air at first, and obviously as I didn't know what was going on, I did a dumb thing and put my left arm in the air. XD I had no idea, and then my friend Lily kinda hit me in the side and told me right arm.

Eventually everyone caught on, and dispell bound started up as we got faster and faster at the movements to a good pace for the song. Everyone did the movements along with the song together, which was actually very fun. After that the concert continued on to usual.

During Neo Pessimist Mana kept taunting all of us in my area. He'd sit there and put his hands out right above our hands. He'd get his hands really close, but not quite close enough for us to reach. Then he kept getting closer and closer to the edge of the stage. He eventually got so close I that I was about one centimeter away from his hands and almost touched him, but then he quickly moved away and wandered off.

However, later, he started up with the same thing and this time I was able to at least touch his guitar...well...actually...I tried touching it and my fingernail slid across his nice Jeune Fille X Bronze -Cross Ray-. I felt bad. I hope I didn't scratch it. (T_T)v

After about an hour and a half the concert came to an end. I really didn't want to see Mana go. He was too amazing!!
Thats when the encore started up after a few chants of "Moi dix Mois"

Everyone came out but, who followed in a few minutes later and they had us all chant "Dix Love" for a long time and then played Immortal Madness

After Immortal Madness was over, everyone went off the stage again, except Mana. He ran over to the center of the stage, and brought his arms wide out, blew a kiss, and then layed his guitar on the ground after just playing it so it made loud noises, and then he left with it still on the ground.

The concert was soo amazing, and its hard to describe it in complete depth after its been a few days since then, but the spirit is still there. I feel so happy for seeing that concert and I want to continue to go to more and more Moi dix Mois concerts in the future. I think seeing Mana completely made me forget about all the bad things that had happened before in Japan and I thoroughly enjoyed everything afterwards and never wanted to leave. I cherished every moment of the concert and even the aftermath.