Le dixieme Anniversaire: Fragments of Philosophy ~Chapter 1 Darkness Theater~

November 3, 2011
Author: Sarah @ Mana-Sama.net

Mana wasn't joking when he said this was a live not to miss!!!

To tell you the truth I was a little worried this live might be a bit boring...but I was certainly proven wrong!!

Charlotte and I decided to go to the venue early since we had never been to it before (we wanted to make sure we could find it) but it took no time at all and we turned out to be quite a few hours early...Anyway, we took pictures of signs around the venue and such.

Typically (at these lives in Japan) were usually allowed to wait around, but the people working at the venue were particularly strict this time... They were quite frustrating to deal with, but EVENTUALLY we got our reserved tickets!!

They also had new Le Dixieme T-shirts...same design but in silver. I couldn't pass it up!!

Anyway, on to the live itself!!

The live started with the curtains opening to a stage already lit in blue stage lights as Seth said a few words of introduction about the night's darkness theater...

The stage was decorated with a Moi dix Mois symbol as the backdrop (this is typical) but there was a large cross hanging from the ceiling decorated with chains and blood. It said DIX at the top. There were also the iron gates and chandeliers decorating the stage as they usually have been and there were about 3-4 skulls on a stand on Mana's side. The whole atmosphere was really cool!!

Each band member came out one by one, all wearing new stage outfits.

Seth was in nearly all leather, with a black leather corset, a couple belts (one with tons of silver decoration on it) , a large pentagram-like necklace, boots, pants, and of course his eye patch but with crosses on it this time. His hair was still red and puffed up but more combed over to the front this time.

K was a little difficult for me to see since I always stand on Mana's side of the stage, but from what I could tell he had on an all black outfit, with a long sort of mesh-type material skirt with his pants. He had chains around his neck and one side of his head was braided in long corn rows (the other black and puffy) and his make up was very exaggerated in white and black -- think of the band KISS... He also had vampire fangs.

Sugiya's outfit was unfortunately a little plain -- he basically looked like he was wearing monk clothes and mostly stood in the back so he was very hard to see.

I couldn't really see Hayato at all, but what I did see of him, I noticed he was wearing one of the new Moi-meme-Moitie top hats (with the cross pendant on it).



Mana was the biggest change of all!!!!!

His hair, in dix style...WAS PLATINUM BLONDE.


And when I say blonde, I REEAALLY mean just about the same blonde color as my own (natural) hair!! Σ(・□・;)

Also his outfit was much different and looked really good on him!!

He had on what looked like a very long oversized black shirt with an extremely dark Moi-meme-Moitie print in it. It was really hard to tell what the print was, so I'm not sure if it was something new or not...

Anyway, he had a belt around the shirt was it was a bit puffy on top and almost looked like a dress on bottom (but a little too short to really be a dress) with black shorts underneath and his usual tights, over knee socks and boots. He also had a new choker with a cross accessory hanging from it, a silver and white cross necklace and his Moi dix Mois pendant. Finally the outfit was complimented with a tulle half skirt and the long sleeves of his shirt had some sort of string or ribbon wrapped around them.

The songs were a wonderful mix of old and new and quite a few of the slower songs were played tonight (mephisto waltz, deflower, etc...)

I'm not sure of the entire playlist but when I find out what it was I'll post it.

During Sanctum Regnum we were asked to shout out the D-I-X DIX part, but we were all too quiet for Mana's liking so we were forced to try to do it multiple times...Mana still wasn't happy with the result though...haha.

At the MC Seth asked us what we thought of Mana's new hair style and of course everyone was going crazy.

Apparently the new hair style was a surprise even for the other band members as well. Seth and K both said they didn't recognize Mana at first when they walked into rehearsal -- in fact K thought Mana was some new support member. Lol Needless to say EVERYONE was shocked!!

It was also announced that it was recently Sugiya and Hayato's birthdays, so they played a bass and drum solo for us (which was AWESOME, by the way!!)

Then Mana wanted to do a guitar solo with K so they ended up playing the intro to the MALICE MIZER song Baroque -- the whole audience was screaming at this point!!

Afterwards, Seth gave a message from Mana MC as he always does. He told us the 5 most wanted songs on the new upcoming Reprise album!! 5. (I couldn't understand what he said, but Ill ask around)
4. Pageant
3. The Prophet
2. Shadows Temple
1. There was a tie for two songs -- one was Nocturnal Romance and the other one...I couldn't understand...I tried asking around but nobody around me understood it, so I'll try to find out some how.

Dis inferno 9 was also announced!! Dis Inferno will be a part of the Le Dixieme live series and it will take place December 29, 2011 at Shibiya O-West!!

After all the announcements the live started back up again.

During Immortal Madness we had to chant dix Love as usual and DARKNESS as the new word for this live (since after all, it's darkness theater!!)

I noticed Mana was having quite a few wardrobe malfunctions this time...his guitar was sticking to his tights and then he ripped a huge hole into the tights in the inner part of his legs...I kinda felt bad for him. However, everyone changed into different outfits for the encore. They each wore the new silver Le Dixieme T-shirts and Mana had to go around and show off a pair of leather spiked arm covers and a giant spiked collar.

Finally at the last song he went crazy and got on the floor again but this time not laying down. Then after that the concert was over... We were all having so much fun it really felt like it ended quickly...but I guess it was about 2 hours long.

Anyway, at the end of the live I met several of my friends who went too. Of course there was also A LOT of picture taking at the end. I don't have aaall the photos yet, but I'll share what I do have.

I thought this guy was just too handsome to pass up. ;D ;D ;D

I took quite a few pictures of fans just hanging around the venue as well, but now as I look at those pictures, they weren't so good after all...(^^;;)