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The "God" of the Aesthetic Style Visual Industry
Advent on Cyzo!! A cool talk about the new album "D+SECT"

The charisma of the world of visual kei bands, Mana of MALICE MIZER, now under the band Moi dix Mois will release the album "D+SECT" (Midi:Nette M.+.M). Recently he produced Kanon Wakeshima, the Gothic style female artist who plays cello and sings, whom we have talked about, Mana himself now has an album after a long time.

"Not saying a single word at lives" "Always wearing Gothic clothes at any time" etc, that is the existence of Mana, who is entirely hidden in mystery. That charisma is called "Mana-Sama" by many fans, and in this Cyzo magazine brute writer and Visual Kei lover Kadokawa Keiko became a hit when she was in charge of the Visual Kei band interview series "Welcome Visual-San!!" (The series ended in November 2010)!!

Mana (From now on, M) Thank you very much!!

-- Wow! Mana-Sama is speaking! I'm happy to hear your natural voice.

M: huhuhuhu.

-- So your character basically doesn't talk like from before?

M: Thats basically right.

-- So, your current activity Moi dix Mois is a one man type band?

M: Its a little bit different from MALICE MIZER, and when I started to make the brand Moi-meme-Moitie, that brand's clothes were customized to the style that I wore during performances. In short, the music is an expression of the world of Moi-meme-Moitie.

-- In former years you were doing costume design?

M: I like to draw. I did the band costumes and all the rough sketches of my designs. In that manner, I started up this brand in '99. It is something important for me to express myself through fashion and music. I started the brand for that expression.

-- There is a rumor in this industry, that when Mana-sama goes to his neighborhood convenience store in gothic clothing, is that true?

M: I didn't know that (laughs), but truthfully I don't only own black clothes. But I also don't wear jeans either.

-- What do you wear when you go to bed? A jersey? Pajamas?

M: I don't have a jersey. Recently I bought Snoopy pajamas, so I wear those when I go to bed. I like Snoopy.

-- Is Snoopy your favorite character?

M: When I was a child I slept in a Snoopy futon, and moreover I had a big attachment to that, so I still like Snoopy since then.

-- What color are those pajamas?

M: Light blue.

-- Wow, Mana-Sama wearing something besides black. I want to see that! Well, what kind of feeling might we get from this new album release?

M: Well…… Its dark.

-- Since when have you been planning it?

M:I had easily written a song before, but for these past several years since I had been producing Kanon Wakeshima I had been more busy with that. Since I've reached a point where I can take a break from that, I now feel like working on my own things.

-- From now on are you still producing any musicians aside from yourself?

M: I am not actively producing anyone. Of course its good to meet people, and if I become motivated I'd like to try to produce again. However, I still want to make my own music because thats my number one aspiration.

--Going back to talking about the album, can you say something a little bit more specific about the contents…….

M: I really like the sound of the pip-organ and the harpsichord I used to do, so I'm going back to my starting point and I'm featuring the sound of these types of instruments in the album. I think I am good at putting out works with a "religious" type atmosphere in my own way.

--Originally you were doing classical music, right?

M: No, the music that I adopted in was classical, but I never quite learned about classical music.

--- ehh! And all along I thought you had a foundation in Piano.

M: Since my parents are music teachers, when I was a child our house had an atmosphere where classical music was always playing. Because of that, classical music has become a part of my nature.

-- But listening and making it is quite different. So then it was something you taught yourself.

M: I did…… it seems (laughs).

-- How is music delivered within yourself?

M: Since I want to make music in my image, I can't just produce something instantly. Since making music takes quite a bit of elaborate planning, I can't say something like "On the count of three!" when working with on arrangements with the band. Basically my style is to make everything perfect down to the last detail.

-- Do you also spend quite a bit of time recording?

M: I wouldn't go that far. Of the the two, recording is something I do less since arrangement takes more time. I want to hold the song's organization, development, and things like that as my highest priority, so that [recording] doesn't take careful planning.

-- Do you make a song from writing lyrics?

M: I almost never write the lyrics first. The sound's image is the first objective, then when I am making the concrete sound, I make the lyrics for that sound.

-- This is a simple question, but isn't Mana-Sama incomplete without visuals? Well of course you do make-up, but things like costumes, PVs, and lives? When you do something big, like when you changed the embodiment of your starting image, there any problems such as the cost of venues and such, where you wanted to do something at first but you just couldn't? Such as MALICE MIZER times, how did you think of money!?

M: This is quite a real discussion, isn't it. (laughs)

-- You know, when you want to do something but you don't have a sufficient budget for it.

M: Basically, thats always……(laughs). The stage director always says "Thats impossible" (laughs).

-- Then, if you didn't have to think about budget, what kind of things would you want to do?

M: I'd like to try to do things at lives like European ruins, for example the remains of a collapsed church or the remains of a collapsed temple.

-- Since you don't do PVs, that would be at a live!?

M: Yeah, at a live! Although I think its quite difficult. But, I like the beauty of ruins and the inside of things that have collapsed.

-- Ah, so you could say Mana-Sama has quite a fascination for ruins?

M: Yes, indeed.

-- Finally. Do you want to do music your whole life?

M: Of course. After all, I feel complete happiness when I'm making music and I think "This is it!" when I've produced something. No matter what form it is, I want to do music my whole life.

(Composed by Keiko Kadokawa)

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