October 24, 2009: V-Rock Festival 2009: Moi dix Mois Report x Fashion show (Mana as a special appearance)
Report by Sarah @ Mana-Sama.net

V-Rock Festival was a two day long Visual Kei event with more than 50 bands performing within the two day span. Originally I wrote this report with the addition of the other activities I participated in and various concerts I saw. However, I am cutting the report for the Moi dix Mois concert specifically.

Finally it was time for Moi dix Mois!!! Waiting for them felt like FOREVER, but they finally came out when Sacred Lake started playing. First I believe it was Hayato and Sugiya who walked out, then K and a few people started screaming when he walked out, then Mana and EVERYONE started screaming, and finally Seth.

Their outfits were new this time.

Mana's new contrast is blue and black, with more emphasis on the blue. The shirt under his corset has that cross design you often see on a lot of newer Moitie dresses recently -- I believe the shirt was actually black but the cross on it was blue and the lace lining the sleeves was mostly blue. His corset is black with blue lacing, and the skirt part is majority blue, but with black underneath and a black under skirt that comes down straight (rather than flowing like the top piece). He also has different boots this time -- they are a little below the knee and have sort of that "patch work" look on them as you might have seen on some demonia boots.

I found Seth's new jacket to be interesting in itself too -- its another sleeveless jacket, but the outside lining is a dark red and the inside of the jacket is the blue Moi-meme-Moitie material. In some ways I felt like the colors somewhat clashed in what I felt was an intersting combination, but I believe the outfit was made to look like that for a reason. Seth's hair was very kinky and long this time, I'm assuming thats partially a product of his own with Art Cube as well (although I'm sure Mana had some input for how he wanted his hair to look for Moi dix Mois).

K and Hayatos outfits weren't too much of a big difference from what they have been in the past, so I wont really describe it.

Sugiya had on a black jacket and a big red bow at the neck. Something interesting I noticed is how EVERYONE was wearing some form of red at the concert, except for Mana who was totally blue and black. Perhaps there is a specific correlation in this?

Anyway, the concert immediately started out with metaphysical.
I believe the set list was something like this:

Sacred Lake
**NEW SONG** The Sect
dispell bound
Immortal Madness
**NEW SONG** Dead Scape
The Prophet

Speaking of the new songs, I absolutely LOVE them!! When I first heard The Sect I thought it was a previous Moi dix Mois song, but the further they played through I thought "ooohh this is different!" When I listen to it, I feel like theres a mix of old and new in it. I think it has many nostalgic elements of older Moi dix Mois songs but of course new elements (such as the screaming) of a progressing Moi dix Mois. Its a very dark but fast passed song with very hard rock but also some of those more "classic" Moi dix Mois sounds too. Its difficult for me to explain, but I really like the mix and contrasts of this song a lot. To me it simply ties in a lot of what Moi dix Mois was and what they are now and I like that idea a lot. Kanna told me this song hasn't been playing in about a year or more now,so even for the Japanese Moi dix Mois fans this song was very refreshing and sort of "new" to them as well.

Dead Scape was great too -- I could certainly see this as another "regular" Moi dix Mois song in the future. To me this song seemed more as completely new in contrast to the old/new elements of The Sect. I enjoyed it though; the chorus is fun and the "slower" transitions and parts have a nice tune to them. I hope they'll play this one again soon. I believe Moi dix Mois fans got to hear this song for the first time during Deep Sanctuary this summer.

If you want to hear The Sect, its on part one (the second full song) on the footage of V-rock festival here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crw6zXUb-kM

Dead Scape should be on the third part here (second part):

I absolutely recommend watching it if you haven't already, because this was certainly one of my most favorite songs of the concert. Well, I recommend watching the entire thing, but if you want to hear a new song its the second part of that video.

Also, if you have the chance, watch the other parts to the footage as well (if you haven't already). I'm actually in the video footage a few times. On part 2 you can see me in around 4:27 then again around 6:30 - 6:40 during dispell bound. On part 3 you can see me just for a second at 2:38. But other than that, its a very interesting concert -- the lighting used was fantastic and I enjoyed the set list because it was full of not only regular songs but also new songs and old songs. I felt like it was a really nice mix that nobody has heard in a really long time, so on that aspect this concert was great.

Heres parts 2 and 4 (since I already gave you 1 and 3):



As for when Mana "spoke", it was kinda funny. A lot of the video footage doesn't do a whole lot of justice for what the concert was ACTUALLY like. When Seth gave the microphone to Mana in real life, he sort of jumped back with a surprised look on his face and at first he acted like "uhh...no no, i dont want to" but then he gave in and took the mic (I'm sure that was rehearsed but his reaction was so funny!). Mana went up and then K turned his back towards the audience and started speaking for Mana.

Another thing about the concert vs. the video footage was that there were quite a few technical difficulties. A friend told me when they were rehearsing the day before, Mana would go out to the audience area to check to see how the concert sounded from an audience perspective, but of course the concert is STILL going to sound different when people are there compared to when its an empty area. For some reason he kept thinking the sound was off in the audience area compared to on stage so he kept trying to get the sound crew to fix the sound and change things around, but in all reality it was Mana who was hearing things wrong and nobody had the heart to tell him he wasn't hearing it right. I guess in the end they DID get things fixed, but it was evident in the concert Mana wasn't happy with the sound particularly, especially with his own guitar.

He kept making a lot of concerned faces and then he would continually walk to staff and roadies on the side of the stage and try to make them fix things for him. He went back MANYYY times trying to get them to fix various things, and especially his guitar until eventually they gave up and took his black/blue jeune fille and gave him the white one instead. Still, once he got the white jeune fille it was sort of evident he wasn't completely happy with that -- I guess because he felt the guitar didn't particularly match his look. Although I think after a while he finally started to let it go a little because he quit going back to get problems fixed and he started mouthing the words to Dead Scape.

But the concert itself was GREAT, I just feel a little bad thinking Mana wasn't having as good of a time as he would have liked to because he was too worried about a lot of technical problems. Its nice the video shows good footage of him performing though. I suppose the reason why they don't show a lot of him however is probably because he was continually going to the back trying to fix things. Some of my friends say he seemed to be really happy and energetic during the concert, but I don't know...I sort of feel otherwise. :/

Anyway, thats about it for the Moi dix Mois concert. I think they probably played more songs than most bands and performers were able to, but that was probably because they were the only band playing during their time slot and it was getting closer towards the end of the night when Marilyn Manson was going to perform.

Directly after the concert was the fashion show. Obviously lots of brands were represented, even Hakuei was there! Mana was the last to go and the only one to represent Moi-meme-Moitie. His image was really nice. He had on a blue blouse with ruffles that overlapped his long, black sleeveless jacket. He has a corsage made of blue and black flowers and feathers that REALLY added a nice touch! His make up and hair was still in Moi dix Mois style, but this time his lipstick was a dark dark blue! I thought he looked really nice during the fashion show, but its a shame it went by so quickly. At the very end, everyone from all the brand names came walking out so everyone could have one last look, except for Mana. Although I'm sure thats fine because he stole the show away anyhow. Everyone was cheering and really excited to see him!