November 19, 2011 Mana Rendezvous Event: Moi-meme-Moitie 12th year Anniversary ~Flirtation in the Rose Garden~
Report by Sarah @

Finally the yearly Rendezvous with Mana has come and gone! Once it came along it seemed a little fast this time, didn't it?

Anyway, on to the event!!

Upon waking up early, I began getting ready for the event but it seems I forgot some things...most importantly, hair spray. (=_=;)

So early earlyy on this morning I had to run out in the rain and try to find the nearest open store that would actually have hair spray. I ended up wandering all over Azabu Juban, but finally a sunkust had it -- I was sooo relieved!!

By the way, its been viciously raining ALL day since this morning, so I was a little worried my hair wouldn't stay...but it did, for the most part.

Anyway, it took me quite a while and Charlotte had to hurry me along to get there on time. The odd thing was however we were pretty much the first people at Shinjuku Marui for the event. However, soon others started coming, and we were lead into a waiting area with chairs until it was time for the event to start about 30 minutes later.

Once we were called, we were brought upstairs to another floor (just like last year) and waited until it was our turn to go meet Mana. We were brought into this backroom that was basically a hallway with some chairs to put our belongings so we didn't have to take everything into the room with Mana. As Charlotte left, I had to wait a couple minutes and then I was told I could enter the room.

Walking through some sort of blue fringe at the door (that got stuck all over my hair at first) Mana was standing under the same kind of rose arch as last year and this time there was a working water fountain to the side as well (decorated with angels and such on it). As always, the atmosphere was dark/dimmed down so it felt very relaxing (although I was a ball of nerves!!)

I honestly don't remember what Mana wore...he could have been naked for all I knew and I wouldn't have noticed. But Charlotte told me later he was wearing a black and grey stripped Moitie blouse, the newer Moi dix Mois pendant hes been placing on all his more recent outfits, and I guess black pants with a long skirt...I'm sure pictures will show up sooner or later. His hair is still blonde too, and he looked REALLY good with it this time actually!! He had it not as poofed up as in Moi dix Mois, but just enough that I thought it looked nice on him.

I went up to Mana and immediately he grabbed my arm and linked his with it and brought me to a couch past the arch way. As we were sitting down, I handed him the blue rose with ribbons I bought for him and he bowed at me when he took it. Then he had me give him my ticket (this year we had to write our names down on the back of our event tickets and hand them to Mana). When I first wrote my name I had written it in Katakana, but then I thought to myself "I don't want him to write it like that!" so underneath I wrote my name in regular characters as "Sarah".

When Mana took it he autographed a picture of himself with my name on it -- thank God he wrote "Dear Sarah" and not "Dear セーラ"!!! ♥ I was really relieved. After he gave me the photo he started holding my hands and smiling at me, then he reached over and gave me a black box with blue ribbon and a Moi-meme-Moitie sticker on it.

Afterwards he held my hands again and I noticed on his pointer finger he was wearing the same bat ring I own. If you don't remember, its this one I posted a while back:

I was REAALLYY close to saying "HEY WE'RE RING TWINS TODAY!!" like a total dork, but I decided not to.

So as Mana was holding my hands, he sat there and stared at me. I wasn't sure what to do at that point, so I sorta nodded to acknowledge him and he nodded back, but then all he did was look and smile at me. He acted like he was going to say something for a moment, but didn't...he just kinda mouthed nothingness at me (he tends to do this a lot).

Finally we got up and as soon as we did Mana just mauled me with the biggest longest hug ever!! He completely grabbed me and drew me to him as close as he could and then he squeezed my head against him and started hitting my head playfully several times. HAHA!! I have no idea what that was about, but honestly it was pretty hilarious!!

When he was done, he held my hand and brought me all the way up to the door. This is really a surprise this time because usually he makes us leave him right at the rose arch, but in fact he walked me all the way to the end and knocked on the door to let me out rather than making me do it myself. All the way to the very end, I felt very happy to be with him and there was sort of this intimacy as "friends" in some sort of way when we were together. I REALLY enjoyed it a lot this year!! In fact, I think I may have enjoyed it more than past years!!

Afterwards I asked Charlotte about her experience with Mana and she said he fixed her hat she was wearing and gave her a thumbs up during her time with him. Too cute!!

Anyway, are you wondering whats in the black box??

It appears to be an ash tray... Well, I don't smoke, so I found a better use for it.

Cookie tray!!!!

Anyway, that was my short yearly adventure with Mana. I wish I could do this event every day! However, thats impossible, so I guess I will now be looking forward to next year's Rendezvous and dis Inferno in December.♥

Purikura after the live

Me & Charlotte (She looked sooo cool!!)