October 31, 2010 Mana Rendezvous Event: Moi-meme-Moitie 11th year Anniversary ~Flirtation of the Blue Rose~
Report by Sarah @ Mana-sama.net

This year I was able to spend a wonderful Halloween day filled with Mana, friends, fun, and tons of Moi-meme-Moitie!

This year I was ticket number 8, so my time was very early. The event started at 1:00 but I got there around noon to meet a friend (monologue_de_chi). We hung around MaruiOne and fixed our make up and such until more people came along and we all waited around for the event to start. At the beginning when they told us it would start soon, we were all offered free drinks; you could choose from red wine, white wine, apple juice, or grape fruit juice. I had grape fruit juice because quite honestly I don't care too much for the others. There was a random table covered with a blue cloth in the middle of Maruione, so I stood over there along with everyone else who was with me. We mostly chatted for a long time until our names were finally called. I was the first one of the group, so this is where it starts!!

I had to walk up to the 8th floor where I had to wait in line for a little while until I was directed to go into a back room. Once there, I was able to set my bags on a chair and was told to wait until the person before me was finished. Once it was my turn I had to walk in a extremely dark little room. Mana was standing further back beneath a garden arch decorated with blue roses all over it. I walked up to him and instantly he came up and took my hand. He walked me a very short distance straight up to a chair.

My initial thought was "We're sitting this year?" so I stood next to him and looked at him because I felt a little strange about it, but he forced me to sit down. Literally forced me. He tried pushing me down on the chair! (To be honest, it was pretty humorous though)

Finally I sat down and he sat next to me. He looked at me and smiled. Then he took a necklace that was sitting on a table and grabbed for my hand that was furthest away from him. He held it out as he opened the locket on the necklace then put it in his own hand and practically shoved it in my face. It had a small picture of Mana on one side and displayed the Moi-meme-Moitie logo on the other. Then he sat there and stared smiling at me again and acted as though he wanted my acknowledgement of the locket. so I looked at it and nodded to him and he nodded back. Then SLOWLY, very very slowly, he put the locket in my hand, and stared at me again smiling.

After that he got closer and gave me sort of a half hug, then we got up and he put his arm around me...I think I was supposed to put my arm around him too, but I didn't because I wasn't sure if it was okay. As we walked back to the garden arch Mana had to duck down because he was too tall for it, but after we got past it he let go of my hand and it was time to say goodbye.

This year seemed particularly rushed compared to last year...it didn't feel nearly as passionate as last year either... To be honest, while I was extremely happy to be with Mana for that time, I was a little disappointed. It was still fun though, so I'm not complaining!!!

Image of Mana from the event -- photo from Mana's official website, Monologue+Garden

He wore a white Moi-meme-Moitie blouse and black pants and he smelled REAALLYY good! Also he did lighter make up with the natural "prince style" lipstick and had his hair also in his more "prince style," I guess you could call it.

Right after I got out of the room with Mana, I was bombarded by staff of the Gothic & Lolita Bible!! A woman came up asking me if I could speak Japanese. I replied "chotto dake" (only a little), so she talked to me (still in Japanese) and asked if she could take my picture for the GLB. I said okay, and she walked me over to an all white area off to the side in Marui. She and a photographer fixed up my outfit of anything that was uneven and did a photo shoot of me in all my Moitie! I got to do several poses; it was sooo much fun! After that, they had me write down some information about myself: basically my name, blood type, age (didn't write down though), my style theme, and a message to Mana! Apparently not everyone got to do this, because after I got done I asked other girls if they had pictures taken by the GLB and they said no. Having said that, I'm really ecstatic and I hope to see myself in the GLB soon!!

After that was all over, I waited around marui again for several hours waiting for all my friends to get done with their turns. We stayed the entire time of the event. For a while all of us in Marui went crazy taking pictures of one another. The funny thing is, it seems like even if you don't know a person it doesn't matter because they end up being someone else's friend that you DO know so everyone is sorta connected in a way. We all talked and took pictures for the longest time, then our groups broke off and eventually I went out to dinner with a few friends at the Christon Cafe to celebrate the Rendezvous and Halloween. I got my usual favorite -- vampire rolls and blood orange juice!

It ended up being a really wonderful day. I hope everyone had a great Halloween day as well!!

Event Photos
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The presents I received from Mana!

Close up of the Locket I received from Mana (inside)

Close up of the locket I received from Mana (outside)

me (left) with two of my friends -- Tooya and Konomi

Konomi, Kanna, and Tooya

me and Manami

Charlotte (from Germany) and Angelica (from Brazil)

Angelica and Sonia (from Canada)