October 11, 2009: Moi-meme-Moitie 10th Anniversary -- Mana-Sama's Randezvous Event
Report by Sarah

The time on my ticket said I should get to the Shinjuku Christon Cafe at 10:30 AM to line up. I got there about 10 minutes early, so I had to stand around until 11:00 when we were all let into the cafe. Once we got in, some ushers would look at our ticket numbers and direct us to the portion of the restaurant we needed to sit in -- we each had our own places in the restaurant with our number at the seat we were supposed to sit at, and mine was right in front at a big staircase where Mana would eventually come out to greet everyone.

Around 11:30, an announcer came to the front and told us the event was ready to start. He then proceeded to announce Mana at the event. Suddenly Moi dix Mois music played at the cafe really loud, and Mana came walking down the stairs and stood in the center front. He took a bow to everyone, and then the MC read out a message Mana had written everyone. After that, we all had to stand up and make a toast with Mana for today's event. Mana then went back upstairs to prepare himself for the event, and the first person was called up to go.

I waited probably a little less than half an hour before one of the staff came up to me and told me it was my turn to go. I walked up the stairs to a really small area with about 4 chairs and a big black curtain. I had to sit at the waiting chair for the other 3 to go before me. Each time the curtain was opened for the next person I kept seeing Mana standing right behind the curtain so I kept sort of sneaking peaks at him every chance I got. Each time he was only just standing there waiting. Also, in the mean time we got to reach into a bucket of papers to see if we would win a photo with Mana, but I didn't end up winning. :(

Anyway, it was finally my turn, so I got up and the curtain was opened by one of the staff. Mana, just like every other time, was standing right behind the curtain. I had to walk up a couple steps to him, and when I got close enough he crossed one of his hands over his chest and bowed to me. I ended up smiling at him as he did because it was really cute, and then he came straight up to me and made a gesture for me to put both of my arms out. I knew he wanted me to put my arms out to hold my hand...but both of them?! I was a little confused by that. I sort of stood there and stared at him for a second in confusion, so he tried showing me again. I still didn't quite understand the concept of putting both of your arms out, so I just put both arms out really unsure of what to do, so he finally just grabbed my arms. Wrapped his closest arm to my furthest then held both of my hands. His grip was REALLY tight too! There was no getting away from him.

So he had us start walking and he started trying to look me in the face. He smiled to himself and really looked like he wanted to say something badly, but he kept quiet. I was feeling a little shy so I only glanced at him for a second then looked straight forward because I really didn't have anything to say in return. Right after he had grabbed my hands and we started walking I sort of laughed to myself a little bit thinking about how I failed at trying to figure out how he wanted to hold hands, and then he ended up looking over at me smiling a little and then I heard him make a noise. I think he was laughing too but he was trying SO hard not to!

After that we sort of grew silent and just kept walking a little ways until we reached about 3 steps we had to go up.

At that point, Mana brought me to a small round table that was filled with boxes. Before we went to the boxes though, he took my arms and brought them around his waist. He then hugged me for a REALLY long time. I honestly believe, it was probably for about one minute or so -- it was a very long hug. The nice thing about his hug though, was that it didn't feel like how it does when you go to events such as anime conventions and see jrockers and ask them for hugs. Usually at those times, it always seems like the band members are very uncomfortable and they don't know how to react so they give you a sort of awkward half hug...It really wasn't like that with Mana, he just went full force on me.

After that, when he finally let go I had sort of dropped my hands, but that was a no go for Mana. He took my hand right back up to him and then took a little black box from the table. He held it to himself for a moment which sort of confused me. He was holding it for a while, so I didn't really understand if he wanted me to take it or if he wanted to give it to me. I sort of tried to move my hand to get it, but he just made his grip tighter to him and eventually placed it in my hand.

He then sort of half way bowed at me, but more so he got up in my face and smiled straight at me!!! It was SOOOO cute! That was probably my most favorite moment of the entire time. It was certainly the most memorable. He was so close I could see his little fake eyelashes really well and I couldn't stop staring at them. haha!

Once he finished with that, he finally took my hands again, but put one arm around my waist, walked a few steps and then stopped. Once again he sort of confused me with this...it took a minute to register he wanted me to walk down the stairs first but he was so far back from the steps it didn't make a ton of sense to me for a little bit. So I started walking down and he just clung to me the whole time when I was trying to walk. Honestly, that part was a little bit scary...even though I don't mind Mana touching me and such, I don't usually like people hanging onto me when I'm trying to walk down stairs in my big Mana platforms. It just puts more weight on me and only creates more room for me to fall. In fact, I really did think I was going to fall for a minute, but he had a tight grip and I got down alright.

Finally it was time to say goodbye. we got down to the bottom of the steps, I was let go on my own. Then Mana waved to me and I went back into the cafe area to be bored once again but reflect on such a memorable day.