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Moi dix Mois was created by Mana-Sama, the ex co-founder of Malice Mizer. Moi dix Mois was created on March 19, (Mana's birthday) 2002 as his own solo sound project as Malice Mizer is on indetermined hiatus. All song arrangments and compositions are created by Mana himself. Moi dix Mois means "Me Ten Months". "Me" implies Mana and "10 Months" implies two different meanings: The number 1 suggesting a beginning and 0 representing invinity. The second meaning of "10 Months" implies the number of months a child is concieved in its mother's womb. After those 10 months the child is born and out to create something new in life. The sound of Moi dix Mois is specificly unique and it is difficult to categorize it. It is this way because Mana enjoys using his imagination to create his own realm of breaking the barriers of music. The songs can vary from being extremely dark metal-like to elegant and light. All songs, however, do carry a classical feel to it no matter the type that is being played. Mana combines opramatic sounds along with death metal drumming and various experimental guitar techniques resulting every song he creates unique in its own way.

Until around 2004, Mana had been the only real member of Moi dix Mois. Everyone else was to be considered a "live support member". Around 2005, the original vocalist of Moi dix Mois, Juka, left the band due to conflicting differences. A few months later, Kazuno and Tohru, the original bassist and drummer also ended their careers with Moi dix Mois as well. Nearly a year later Moi dix Mois reformed with Mana, K, and Seth as official band members, while drum Hayato, and bassist Sugiya were considered live support members for some time.

Currently the member line up is still Mana, K, Seth, Sugiya, and Hayato. Each band member not only works with Moi dix Mois but also has their own solo projects and other jobs lined up as well. Moi dix Mois has currently traveled around Europe a number of times, performing their own tours and attending events such as Wave Gothik Treffen in Germany, Japan Expo in Paris, France. Mana has also taken about 4 trips to California now. In 2006 he was able to host a Q&A and autograph session at Anime Expo and finally during the summer of 2009 Moi dix Mos debut their first American performance once again at Anime Expo in California.

Moi dix Mois performs a few special events throughout the year in Japan. Dis Inferno is a popular "end of year part" hosted anually at the end of December. This is a big concert where Moi dix Mois members generally get to play "session bands", perform skits, invite guest performers and friends, and dress up outside their normal Moi dix Mois stage outfits. Generally in March Moi dix Mois also performs a yearly birthday concert for Mana also consisting of not only musical performances but extra small events such as Q&As and Mana receiving a birthday cake to celebrate with the fans.

2011 As of March 2012, Moi dix Mois will be celebrating 10 years together. Starting in August 2011 Moi dix Mois has been putting together 10th anniversary commemoration lives, goods, and soon to be a new CD release of songs from the fist generation of Moi dix Mois performed by the current member line up.



K(death vocals and guitar)


Hayato (Drums)

Sugiya (Bass)




Juka (ex Vocalist)