Translations from Game Lab Vol. 188 -- April 2011 Issue

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Mana-Sama's Nostalgic game inferno

Its nice to meet you, all of you who keep up with Game Labo! From this time on I will be talking about video games with a focus on retro gaming consoles.

Well, before moving on to the main topic I'd like to give a light self-introduction. My main occupation is a musician, composer, and arranger. I am currently active in the dark aesthetic world of a classical, dark, melodic, metal-type (thats long) band called Moi dix Mois.

Then I also have a mainly Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion brand called Moi-meme-Moitie. By the way, the every day word people often use for it is "Goth Loli", so this is what is released by Moi-meme-Moitie! People often assume and mistake the case of which this type of world is viewed…….


So, now that my self introduction is over let's switch over to the main topic, talking about games.

To tell you the truth, I have a deep connection to video games. When I was a child, before I knew left from right I encountered the Atari video games such as "PONG", "Breakout", "Space Invaders", etc. I got into video games to a degree from such games, and I owned a lot of Gaming consoles including the first LSI Game & Watch games all the way from the beginning. As far as the number, I might have slightly exceeded over 100 consoles. You could probably call me one of those "Game console maniac" type people!

For part 1 of this series I should do a commemoration, so how about I introduce my favorite game console from my large console collection, the "3DO REAL". Approximately half a year before the playstation and sega saturn 32bit war, there was a phantom 32bit interactive machine that came out too early, appearing with a silent flying sensation, it was the 3DO REAL!

The first time I saw this console in real life I was excited. The audio machinery and looks gave this unit a high class feeling! Until then the child's toy type design of the Famicon was a game machine icon, but feeling like having something an adult would own was appealing to me, and the beautiful model of console finally made an appearance and I was dancing wildly. I imagined it was the Parthenon temple beautifully standing on 4 legs. I'm not ashamed that I've also put this game machine in my living room, since it goes with the interior!

Also, the 3DO REAL's polygon depiction was the first time I saw anything like that and even now I can't forget it. "A polygon that works as a home use game machine! I've never been so happy," I cried.

However, the 3DO REAL was short lived……. At any rate, the usage of front loading at the time made it high class so it sold for nearly 80,000 yen!

The 3DO group also thought "This is terrible!" (probably), because eventually when it went on sale the 3DO REAL became 54,800 yen, and furthermore several low grade models were released into the market so it was already too late. In those days the Playstation and Sega Saturn came in, so the 3DO REAL was forgotten into the shadows……. Its painful.

However, I don't forget it……that short time in space where the gallant figure of the 3DO REAL was shining through!

……Well it seems I have come to the limit of space on this page. Too bad! In which case, let's meet again next time!

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