March 19, 2010: Madou Gathering the Moon's 7th Night
Report by Sarah @

This time the concert was at Shibuya BOXX – a tiny live house between Harajuku and Shibuya. The stage was decorated with two chandeliers – one hanging from the ceiling of the stage and one from the ceiling of the audience area. Then there were various posters hanging from the curtains on the stage behind the drums. There were 3 Dracula movie posters and one Nosferatu. Then in the middle was a framed picture of Mana from Monologue Theater (an older Moi dix Mois picture where hes standing in front of a dix sign and holding his hand out). Finally some cute and cheesy Happy Birthday music started playing and all the band members except for Mana came walking out on stage. Here is what they were wearing:

Seth had on a wine colored shirt with a black vest over it. His hair was that new kinky style hes been doing for Moi dix Mois recently and he had on this massive sparkly silver and gold buckle on his pants along with a ton of necklaces. He had sort of a classic rocker style look.

K was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a tie on it, black pants, and he had his hair cut in a new style – it was shorter than normal and now black with some red layering over the black. His make up wasn’t so intense as it generally is for Moi dix Mois, but he still had on quite a big of black and blue eye make up on.

Sugiya was wearing a suit type outfit with a shirt, tie, blazer, slacks, and glasses.

Hayato was wearing a bowl hat, a shirt with a huge print of some biblical/angelic scene on it and rocking horse shoes.

As soon as the band members came out they began talking to everyone. They kept referring to the photo of Mana in the background of the stage and then told us we had to yell out Mana’s name to get him to come out. As we did the spot light was set on the photo but it took several tries before he actually came out. Soon enough he walked out in blue snoopy pajamas, a tiny stuffed blue snoopy on his shoulder, and blue dog ears! He carried out a white bear bag and started throwing candy at everyone in the audience.

I think the reason for dressing this way is because in the Monologue (Mana’s journal) he has been speaking about how since this concert happens to be on his actual birthday he wanted to make things like a “Home Party,” so therefore the stage was decorated similar to his home and he was wearing clothes he would probably wear at his house (pajamas).

As soon as Mana came out everyone was screaming “KAWAII!” (cute) and the activities were finally ready to start. To begin with, Seth started talking about the posters on the stage and Mana pointed to them with a small laser. We were told Mana obtained an autograph from one of his most favorite actors, Christopher Lee, on one of his Dracula posters and he showed us using his laser. Afterwards, the band wanted to make a toast to Mana. Sugiya brought out 5 bottles of Pepsi and each band member took one. Mana’s had a hole cut out of the lid with a straw in it. Then Seth told us to all pretend like we’re holding a bottle ourselves and we made a toast to Mana. Right after that, Seth came to the edge of the stage and started holding his Pepsi out to the audience and my hand accidentally hit his bottle of Pepsi and spilled some of it. Sorry Seth!!!

Soon after the band members spoke a little more and Sugiya came up and began to tell a story. Sugiya tends to talk rather long winded, so jokingly Mana walked up to a box right at the edge of the stage, sat on it, and watched Sugiya nodding his head every once in a while acting like he was watching him tell a story because he would be a while. It was really funny and cute.

After that, Seth announced they would be drawing names and giving away prizes 4 prizes to everyone. The prizes were the party hats each band member was wearing for Mana’s birthday and they would be autographed. On top of that, Mana’s blue dog ears would be given away. After each name had been drawn, Mana brought out his pink GBH shirt and Seth said he would also be giving that away. Whoever won Mana’s shirt is very lucky!!

Next was the question corner. Mana took out a small magna doodle and wrote his answer to various questions on there. He was asked about things he would like for his birthday, and he said he wanted an Ipad. At first when Seth read this he didn’t understand what it was and said “Ipod?” and Mana kept trying to show him “ipad!” K had to end up explaining what an ipad was, and then they talked about their types of computers because Mana really loves mac. Mana then wrote that he also wants Häagen-Dazs Sweet Potato ice cream from the convenience store (which is quite good might I add – I’ve had it before) and then he wanted Tonkatsu sauce.

Then he was asked about something new he could do recently and he said he can drink coffee straight black now. He said before he always had to put a lot of milk and sugar in it, but now he can actually drink it black and he feels like it’s a step into adulthood.

Next he was asked about something that has made him sad recently and he wrote “tsugi ni” which means “next”. The other band members didn’t understand and kept asking him “tsugi ni??” and so he then wrote “pass” which they still didn’t get, so he whispered to K that he doesn’t want to talk about it and he’ll write about it in his Monologue (blog) online.

Finally they asked him something new he’d like to try, and he said hes always wanted to try a certain Japanese yankee hair style he draws often times. Its hard to explain so this is the type of hair style I’m talking about: (the hair style of the two men in the middle).

If there were any more questions besides these I can’t remember.

There were also some announcements made, such as where the Deep Sanctuary tour will be held in Japan and finally that Mana is changing Monologue Theater (his website) to Monologue Garden. You can now access his blog from a keitai/cell phone (or computer) and he asked that everyone please write him a comment in the message box. Its not done yet, but apparently there will be various new options on there and instead of the old Monologue Theater aesthetics page, he will now be updating his blog from the new Monologue Garden website. Here is the link to it:

Finally, it was time for the birthday cake. A small cake with tons of fruit mounted on top was wheeled out and we all sang happy birthday to Mana. He blew out the candles and then it was eventually time for the second part of the concert.

Shortly after the band went off stage to prepare for the concert portion.

All the band members came out in the same outfits, but this time Mana was wearing full EGA. He had a ruffly white blouse with black out lining, EGA pants, and a long flowing EGA half-skirt with a corset attached to it. Here is the set list: Gloire dans le silence
front et baiser
Night breed
dispell bound
New Song -- The Sect
A new song (can’t remember the title)
New Song -- Agnus Dei
Immortal Madness
New Song -- Dead Scape

This was my first time to see Deflower performed on stage and I have to admit it was really beautiful! I think what intrigued me the most was that during the canon part of the song (where two voices sing overlapping one another) K sang the second back up vocals. I’ve seen K really SING actually, so it was a really nice, interesting change!

The new song I can’t remember the name of, I thought Seth said “Alice” something, but maybe I didn’t hear it right…either way, it’s a really nice rock-like up beat song. It was one of my favorites of the night because it seemed a lot different from typical Moi dix Mois songs. It had this typical care-free clean rock type feel to it, and then in the middle theres a classical/choral type sound for a few moments. Its a little difficult to explain, but its just really different and I LOVE it!!

At The Sect, Mana unbuttoned his shirt a short ways (repetition of the last Madou Gathering?) and played the rest of the concert in this way. I suppose he was trying to be sexy, but honestly his shirt was so full of ruffles it was a little difficult to notice he did much of anything different.

I can’t remember which song it was, but during one of the songs Mana kept putting his guitar in the audience and we all kept touching it. At one point he stuck the whole thing to us and I started holding up the base of the guitar so he just let it go and let all of us in my area hold it above the crowd for a while, then he picked it back up again and continued to play. I thought it was really amazing how we all just held it there for him and nobody really tried to take it or anything – something you could only do in Japan!!

Soon after, the band went off stage again and some beautiful classical music played as they prepared for the encore. These are the songs played at the encore: XANADU
Eternally Beyond
Deus ex Machina

Finally the band went off stage one more time. Everyone waited and eventually everyone except Mana walked back out. Everyone started cheering but Seth said to be quiet. He then told us since is a surprise quietly break these blue glow sticks we were given at the beginning of the concert and hold them up when Mana walks out. Mana was finally sent out on stage and the band started playing Pageant. As Mana was playing guitar to it, you could tell quite evidently he was getting lost in emotion. His face started twitching and he looked like he was about to cry as we all waved our blue glow sticks back and forth to the chorus of Pageant. Seth then came up to him and started poking at his shoulder and singing in his face, but he kept trying to turn away and push Seth away because he was nearly in tears. Finally Seth dragged Mana by the hand and brought him to the very center of the stage. Mana just stood there and played guitar and was trying REAALLYY hard to hold back tears, but it was very evident he was crying.

His lips kept quivering and he started shaking, and sniffling. It was really sweet how overcome with emotion he was, but it made me start choking up and crying too!

Finally at the end of the song, he stood there still sniffling for a moment and then bowed to us for a VERY long time then ran off stage very fast.

After that nobody really knew what was going on because all the other band members left Mana on stage alone and then he just sorta ran away… Eventually we were told the concert was over so everyone had to leave.

It was a really beautiful and fun concert! Personally I think this was my most favorite Moi dix Mois concert I have attended yet because it was filled with so much unity and emotion. Everyone seemed to get along and have a wonderful time together and that’s really something that doesn’t happen too often at concerts.