Mad Tea Party: D concert with special guest Moi dix Mois
Report by Sarah @

This report will have reviews for both Moi dix Mois and D. The reason being is that it is difficult to describe the entire event without adding the main act in the report. However, the ending of the report has a little bit more about Mana in it, so if you only wish to read about Moi dix Mois read the Moi dix Mois portion of the report and then skip to the end because there is a little more down there. I do however encourage reading the entire report.

So Moi dix Mois was the band to play before D (this was D's event and Moi dix Mois was invited to play, so they weren't the headlining band).

Here is the set list:

Sacred Lake
The Sect
Immortal Madness
Dead Scape
The Prophet

If you read about V-Rock Festival you can tell this set list was very similar to that two weeks ago, only we didn't get Dispell Bound this time.

Anyway, my ticket was B12, so I didn't get a perfect front row spot in front of Mana like I usually do. This time I was pushed back to the 3rd row which honestly made watching the concert very difficult. At the beginning of the concert the only view I had was of Mana (Not complaining there, haha!) and even he was a little difficult to see at times unless he came right over to where I was standing.

The costumes were the same as V-Rock festival -- Mana wearing mostly blue and black, Seth with his black, red, and blue jacket, K with a Moi-meme-Moitie shirt, pants, a black and red collar piece, and red fish net, Sugiya with a black jacket and red bow tie, and Hayato was a little difficult to see but I believe he was wearing all black. His hair was cut a little shorter this time and a little more spiky than usual.

It was apparent Mana was very happy during this concert. He had A LOT more energy than he had at V-Rock festival -- he was sort of dancing around on stage, getting more into the music and even head banging more wildly than usual tonight! I think he was really enjoying himself a lot! It made me happy to see him with so much energy and dix power tonight~

During Immortal Madness, Mana had Seth tell everyone to substitute "dix Love" in the song with "Mad Tea", so throughout the song we had to shout "Mad Tea!" during our part, then they would sort of stop the singing and vocals to talk some more. Seth announced that it was Sugiya's birthday today so they made him go up front and talk to everyone. He was evidently a little embarrassed and didn't really know what to say. He thanked everyone then got sort of silent and shy and had no idea what he should say next! It was so cute and funny. XD

After a little while he finally gave the mic back to Seth who talked some more about shouting "Mad Tea" from the bottom of our hearts (I THINK thats what he said) and a few other things. I'm honestly not too sure what all he was talking because it was really a lot. During Immortal Madness they had Sugiya stand up front and play bass towards the center -- same during Dead Scape as well. Also, Sugiya had another bass solo before Immortal Madness, then Mana changed from his Blue Jeune Fille X Cross Ray to the white version and joined in with Sugiya's solo playing guitar.

The rest of the concert was pretty much similar to what you saw with V-Rock festival so its a little difficult to describe. The only real difference I saw was the energy level was so much more. I think everyone truly felt like this was a great, powerful night!

Oh and Mana threw out a lot of guitar picks this time!! Usually at concerts in Japan he only throws out one pick, but this time he threw out about 4-5. He threw 3 straight in my direction, but I never caught one and a couple more a little further to the side of me. It would have been nice to catch one, but those little things are always so hard to see. Speaking of which, I honestly think Mana will never master the art of throwing out picks to the audience. Hes ALWAYS throwing them in bad directions and they almost always get lost before they even hit the first row. Today he got a few into the crowd but there were still a couple that didn't land into the audience and were hard for anyone to get. Mana needs to learn how to throw a little better, I think. XDD

Back on topic...

Soon after Moi dix Mois went off stage D came out and played. I don't know the titles of all their songs, but I do know they played Yami Yori kurai.

The thing about D was they were great live, but I honestly feel like they're better in music videos and CD. Theres so much more magic to their presentation when you watch their music videos that just isn't quite there during the live performance. They all still look amazing, and they DO have a good performance but its just not quite the same... Although, one interesting thing about D is that they use a lot of visual props. During one of the songs Asagi got a special mic stand with metal roses wrapped around it. During one of the songs majority of the fans had black and red D flags they all held up in sequence and waved around -- Asagi also had these flags and everyone followed his lead on how to wave them. During another song, Asagi brought out a huge bouquet of roses and threw them out into the audience.

By this time I was towards the back of the audience (Its common courtesy in Japan to move out of the way for the bigger fans of each band during their performance so everyone gets a chance to see their favorite artist), so no catching flowers or anything for me.

There was a time between songs when Asagi started talking about all the performers that were invited tonight and when he got to Moi dix Mois he started saying "DIX!!" and everyone giggled. It was really adorable!

After D's performance was over suddenly they went off stage and everyone stuck around -- I had assumed they were waiting for an encore, but about 5-10 minutes later D comes back out with a new special guest. I honestly don't remember the guy's name but hes a MUUCH older artist (probably from the 80's) who went out and sang a few non-D songs with Asagi with the rest of the band playing in the background.

After about 2-3 songs, Asagi started introducing all the bands who played for the night and just about everyone came back out!! Well, everyone except for Sugiya and Hayato -- not sure what happened to them. When Mana, K and Seth came out they were all wearing different clothes from their stage costumes -- Mana had on a big Moitie trench coat, a black collar around his neck, and his blue Moitie necklace with Moi dix Mois make up still on. Seth and K were wearing much more normal clothes -- K in a T-shirt and pants and Seth in a shirt, jacket, pants, and a scarf. Mana had his guitar but Seth and K had to carry around Moi dix Mois flags across the stage and wave them around during the performance.

Members of all the other bands came out too with their instruments. Soon Yami no Kuni no Alice started playing and everyone who had an instrument began to play along! During this time it was obvious Mana was REAAALLLYYY having a lot of fun. Asagi kept going up to him and talking to him a few times during the performance, then he would get right up to him while he was playing guitar to Yami no Kuni no Alice as if they were best friends. Mana looks so happy during this time I couldn't help but smile. During the whole performance Mana was walking around stage, playing guitar next to other band members and dancing around. I can't stress how incredibly happy he looked the whole time! I honestly felt like he out shined everyone else on stage. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and EVERYONE wanted to stand next to him and hang out with him during the performance. A lot of times Asagi would pull him to the front and he would play guitar next to Asagi as he sang. Mana even really seemed to know the music pretty well too -- he was really getting into the guitar parts!

In the middle of the song a ton of paper hearts started falling from the ceiling and floating down towards the audience. I didn't catch one (I fail tonight XD) but I believe some of the paper hearts said "Mad Tea Party" and others had autographs on them from the band members who performed tonight!

As Yami no Kuni no Alice was over, so was the rest of the concert so it was finally time to go home. So sad, because it was really a lot of fun!