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I am constantly asked questions about Mon+Amour ranging from the basics all the way to questions that just don’t have a clean cut answer. While Mon+Amour actually provides several of these answers on their website, I am posting here questions that I am frequently asked with the best possible answers I can provide. The purpose here is to reinforce basic Mon+Amour information along with your questions on more specific aspects of the fan club.

Is Mon+Amour open for fans outside of Japan?

Yes, please visit the Mon+Amour International website below.

How much does Mon+Amour cost?

There are two types of Memberships you can purchase; both have different price levels. The first is the standard membership. For those interested in Standard membership, the first time you join the total cost will be 5,000 yen (check for price conversion). This includes a first time admission fee of 1,000 yen and the yearly membership fee of 4,000 yen (this is approximately $50 total in USD).

The second form of membership is Platinum membership. The first time you join you will need to pay a 3,000 yen admission fee along with a 10,000 yen yearly membership fee. This is approximately $130 USD.

HOWEVER, these prices are for those who are joining Mon+Amour for the first time. Once you join, membership will expire exactly one year later; meaning you will need to renew your membership the next year if you wish to continue in the fan club. Typically Mon+Amour will send an automated email 1-3 months early informing you your membership is up for renewal, at which time you may renew your membership for another year. This time you will ONLY need to pay the “annual fee”. For Standard members this is the 4,000 yen fee and for Platinum members this is the 10,000 yen fee. There is no need to pay the admission fee again unless you allow your membership to completely expire at which time you will need to rejoin Mon+Amour as a new member again.

What do I get as a member?

This depends on the type of membership you choose.

Standard members will be able to read translations of the Madoushos (fan club booklets) online along with any other Mon+Amour content that may be released online. This may include exclusive items for purchase, streaming videos, and photos. Standard members are also able to purchase exclusive fan club tickets for concerts and events. The benefit of this is often times Mon+Amour members who purchase tickets from the fan club will be able to enter the venue before everyone else for concerts and obtain priority numbered tickets when available (numbered tickets mostly applicable to concerts in Japan).

Platinum Members are able to do and access everything a standard member is able to do (online content/translations, purchase exclusive items, and reserve fan club concert/event tickets), however, Platinum members also get Madousho booklets mailed to them along with a Mon+Amour binder to keep Madoushos in. Platinum members may also enter Mon+Amour contests Mana occasionally holds to win various prizes.


Before joining please be aware that there are currently some problems with Mon+Amour. Madoushos have not been translated to English for more than a year now (as of summer 2010) – in fact, Madousho translations have increasingly slowed down for the past 3 or so years now and have virtually become non-existent. There are currently 3 translations posted on the official Mon+Amour website, all from last year but since then there has been nothing new. There has also been a history of Madoushos not arriving to Platinum members through the mail on time. Madoushos, by the Mon+Amour rules, are supposed to reach the homes of Mon+Amour members every 1-2 months, however there have been several occasions over the past few years of members not receiving Madoushos in the mail until SEVERAL months later (at one point Madoushos had not reached anyone in at least six months).

This is not to discourage potential members from joining Mon+Amour, this is simply the reality of the current affairs of Mon+Amour. This fan club is an expensive investment, so I feel it only fair as a Mon+Amour member myself to present the positive and negative aspects of the fan club so you can determine for yourself if you feel Mon+Amour is right for you.

What is a Madousho?

A Madousho (pronounced ma-doe-show) is a small booklet, about 4 inches by 7 inches, or 10 cm by 18cm, typically 12-24 pages long (depending on the issue) filled with photos and writings by Mana. Madousho booklets that are mailed out to Platinum members are written in Japanese, so translations are typically found on the Mon+Amour website once you become a member.

Will I get to read translations of every Madousho ever written?

Unfortunately, no. Only three Madousho translations are posted on the website at one time. When a new translation is posted, the oldest issue of the previous three will be deleted from the website.

How often are new Madoushos released?

New Madoushos are generally released every one to two months at the end of each month. While this is stated by Mon+Amour, the reality is this isn’t always true. Sometimes Madoushos are released later than the designated time period, but sooner or later you WILL receive your Madoushos in the mail.

Mon+Amour is not responding to my emails, what do I do?

This is an increasingly large problem many members are facing all the time – even I have had my own horror stories to share concerning Mon+Amour and communication. Members are able to email Mon+Amour to purchase special fan club tickets for concerts, but there are times when Mon+Amour will not answers these emails. Even worse is that there are increasing numbers of problems appearing with Mon+Amour not acknowledging members renewing their memberships or even joining the fan club for the first time. If you have an important email to send to Mon+Amour but did not receive a response in a week, email them again. If you still do not receive a response, attempt to email them via a different email address. If it is at all possible, try to email them from an email address that is not hosted on a free server (for example, try an email address that is NOT from gmail, hotmail, or yahoo). If this STILL does not work or you do not own an email address that must be paid for, attempt to email Mon+Amour from an alternate email address. If this does not work, your best bet is to send Mon+Amour a letter by postal mail. Be sure to include your information – your full name, Mon+Amour member number (if applicable), and an email address Mon+Amour can contact you by. I have actually had this problem before with purchasing concert tickets. I was honestly not holding my breath when I sent Mon+Amour a letter by mail, but one day I received a personal email from the staff along with a confirmation email for my ticket reservation. They will be kind and willing to help you out so long as you clearly explain the situation and make an effort to get in contact with them. This is unfortunately a big negative side to Mon+Amour because communication seems to be a huge problem for the international fan club, but if you need to get in serious contact with Mon+Amour, I strongly suggest writing them a letter.

To contact Mon+Amour via email or postal mail, check out the contact page.

Is it worth it for me to join Mon+Amour?

Unfortunately, I cannot determine for you whether it is worth it or not to join – this is held to the discretion of each person individually. If you are patient and a die-hard Mana fan, then Mon+Amour will probably be something worth investing in. However, if some of the current dilemmas are problematic for you and rule out the desire of joining, perhaps you should wait until problems have cleared up. While it may never be certain when Mon+Amour will once again be a fully operational fan club as it was 7-8 years ago, it still has its benefits for fans of all kinds – that is, if you feel it is right for you.


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