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Le dixième anniversaire Live 2011~2012
"Fragments of Philosophy ~Chapter 3 Unusual Destiny Regime~
2012.2.26 @ LIQUIDROOM

Mana-Sama's Project Band, Moi dix Mois, will be seeing its 10 year anniversary starting this March. For its commemoration, they have been playing a live series called "Fragments of Philosophy" since last year. Chapter 3 has been dubbed as the "Unusual Destiny Regime", and the tremendously popular ALI PROJECT, who is into the same Gothic & Lolita scene as Moi dix Mois, guest performed this evening! Previously, a conversation between Arika-Sama and Mana-Sama was posted in the ALI PROJECT's Fanclub bulletin, so it was like a dream that these two got to perform together.

The ALI PROJECT live started with "Ai to Makoto" [Love and Integrity]. A violin player played the tunes to the main songs off to the side, giving the music a classical atmosphere, along Miss Arika wore a pure white wedding dress, plus drag queen dancers who brilliantly showed off on the stage. The audience was strongly pulled into ALI PROJECT's world in one blow. After the MC, she touched on the previous discussion [with Mana], announced a new work she has just released called "Kyoumu Densen" [Nightmare contagion], along with "Ankoku Tengoku" [Darkness Paradise], and "Ankoku Psychedelic" [Darkness Psychedelic] which she has called her "Darkness Series".

At the same time, the audience violently started headbanging at the start of the Moi dix Mois live to their first song, "The Seventh Veil". One after another they played hard and dramatic songs such as "Metaphysical" and "Witchcraft", then the audience became one as they had been trained to say "d・i・x・dix!!" when "Sanctum Regnum" was performed. During the last song, "Immortal Madness", at the MC Mana's words were announced, "For the finale, I have decided to bring a "chemical reaction" before your eyes at the Unusual Destiny Regime. huhuhu…" and Miss Arika entered the stage! The Chapter 3 live came to an end as it rushed up to its climax.

Article by: Okada Maiko

Translated by: Sarah @