Translation from Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 23: VOICE FROM MANA

This translation comes from Lapis (flokati_san) @ Ongaku no Hon'yaku.

[Lamentful Miss] is a song telling about a fairy tale that's written from the point of view of a woman. As for the since the 4th October [2006] sold Maxi Single „Lamentful Miss“ I tried to write this song through the eyes of a woman. Musically said, the twin guitars built the front of the song. Personally, I compose either using a guitar or a keyboard, and this time I chose the guitar. It is naturally that when composing with a guitar, the guitar plays the main melody, and when composing with a keyboard the guitar gets packed away and I rather watch that it ends up melodic. What has also been recorded besides Lamentful Miss, were [two] songs that I had written at the beginning of Moi dix Mois, but we re-arranged them. Moi dix Mois has become reborn (shinsei) and because our vocalist has changed, we took [the vocals] again. This year will only be one chance left to be able to hear these new songs on stage. At the Last Year Party „Dis Inferno Vol.“, that has become some kind of tradition and that will take place this year, too. Of course there will be a live of Moi dix Mois, but you'll also see all members from a different side and you will get to know things, that haven't been revealed yet. And, if possible, we will maybe have guests preforming. Once details are decided they will be put on the Official Homepage to your information. And you shall look forward to next year's spring, when the release of shinsei Moi dix Mois' full album is scheduled.

[I left out the part where he talks about the new collection, for it doesn't contain any information that would be interesting to know ^^°]

The truth is that I like brutal and weird children's stories with painful contents. When I was little, I remember having many children's books at home, but I don't remember having read them (laughs). In my memories of preschool and kindergarten, I only remember that I went there [but not if we read stories]. The truth about children's stories is, that they often have brutal and weird images. In the tale of Brothers Grimm „Hänsel and Gretel“, as far as I remember, the witch is thrown in the oven in the end. But because the witch intents to eat Hänsel and Gretel and lurks them into her house of sweets, it's just justified selfprotection (laughs). Then, I also have had a painfully great liking for stories like „The little mermaid“. But the story that has left the greatest impression on me has been „The story of little black Sanbo“*. I had a picture book of it and the picture of melted butter looked so delicious, I remember I had been touching it (laughs).

* orig. „chibikuro SANBO“. Sanbo lives together with his parents Janbo and Manbo in the jungle. One day he is presented with clothes by his parents. Wearing the pretty clothes, he walks through the jungle and meets lions. To avoid that they will eat him, Sanbo gives them his clothes, until suddenly a lion goes mad and they all melt to butter. Sanbo gets his clothes back and they use the butter to make pancakes.

What would you do, if you did not the work you're doing now?
The chance to choose becoming a cook exists for me naturally. The kind of food would be Mana-style food (laughs). Earlier, I also wanted to become a modeler. You complete plamodells* until they're fully coloured and you even built up dioramas. It's for those people who would want to have a set but who cannot make it by themselves. In my childhood I made such plamodells and I really liked building the scenery as a diorama for them as well. Today I would want to try making a diorama of a cloistre of an old castle's ruins, if I had the time.

* plamodell = plastic modell; also an registered trademark.

What kind of work was not in your choices of what to become?
Salesman, of course. I have never done job-seeking measures for such a profession. In my highschool days, there were a lot of people around me, who took part in bands, but once we were 3rd grade*, they all quit their activities, in order to learn for the exam at universities or to search for employement. For me, who has not had any ambition in both, I thought it was highly strange. Why did they not continue playing in a band, I wondered. It was only me, who stayed and continued. Well now, I do understand. They had all apparently made fixed plans for their future from that point on ... In the world there are as many bands as there are stars [in the sky], but those who can live and eat from it, are only just a handful.

* The japanese schoolsystem is divided in primary school (6 years), junior high (3 years) and high school (3 years). Mana talks of the 3rd, and thus last, year of high school.