Translation of Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 21

This translation comes from Lapis (flokati_san) @ Ongaku no Hon'yaku.

"The Hobbies' Corner"

~Part 1 Musician's Collection~

(GLB 21, S.48. The musicians were questioned about five hobbies: Cinema, Music, Comic, Novel and Stage. Mana's first.)

Speaker: When I went into the the questionniare this time, it became difficult [to talk about the subject]. Of course there should be some types of books Mana-sama is interested in, but they turned out to be ...
Mana: Catalogues. Especially those about electronic products, I love digital cams for example (laughs). I like to compare their functions and specifications, that's why I look at "Digi Monostation" and other [catalogues] a lot. Electronic products can be compared from many different angles and for me this is highly interesting!

"Shadow of the Vampire" (Regie: E. Elias Merhige) and "The Pianist" (Regie: Roman Polanski). "Shadow" is, basicly said, reviving the classic vampire movie "Nosferatu" and the main character who is in the movie selected to act the vampire's role is a true vampire*1. What I like about this is ... two points: that you're able to look behind the recording of a movie and that the vampire Willem Dafoe acted, continued living as a vampire through the whole making of the film. I also like, that despite it is obvious that he has to live the life of a vampire, because he's a real one, is that he*2 should learn partly to feel sympathy. As about the "Pianist", I have liked war films before and I've learned there was much thinking about the reflections and the angles of the camera [[I have no idea if this is right ^^°]]. To this, I used to like films about the wars in Vietnam, but recently, I'm attracted rather to those about World War 2.

Usually I don't listen to music much often, but basicly, I like classic music and heavy metal. I guess I could like Nosferatu from Art Zoid*3. I've only bought the jacket so I really don't know about the music at all, but to have it still without the disc makes me feel like a maniac ... I could recommend things to people who like dark music, I guess.

"Mantarou with one kitchen knife" (Ippon houchou mantarou;ビッグ錠著). Because I've liked cooking ever since. It is a manga about cooking and the protagonist Mantarou battling with many different other cooks and about spreading of secret techniques [of cooking].

I really don't read novels, but I read specialist books very often. For example such that deal with sorcery/black magic/[d]evil or airplanes. I also like film books, but then, I only collect those explaning about horror films. In contrary to those books from which you gain a lot of information, I like the catalogues. At last, I often read cooking books.

Well, actually I don't go much often ... the last thing I saw was "The Ruler's Other Daughter"*4, a chinese musical featuring a lovestory in the style of Romeo and Juliet. I noticed it somewhere and caught interest and went to see it. Since it's from China, it is very acrobatic and very impressive, but the story in its whole as well is very cute, at least I felt so. I have great interest in ballet and if I have the time, I'll go to watch it. There are no serifs, and all you express goes with your body, what makes it artistic and it correponds to my style. Because I, too, do not raise my voice before other people and the ways express or to tell about myself at lives and other occasions become a part of reference [or bridge] then.

*1 The movie is about the moviemaker Murnau, who want's to film the story of Nosferatu. As actor for the vampire, a person called Max Schreck is hired, who is known for living his roles throughoutly. For that matter, nobody gets the idea that he is not only acting a vampire, but truely IS a vampire. Even when he tells them about how he became a vampire, they give credit to his acting. Soon the blood thirst of Schreck cannot be controlled by himself and others anymore and he attacks one by another of the crew. He even kills his partner actress Greta in front of running cameras. Finally Murnau and another manage to push Schreck into the sunlight to kill him.
*2 It is not clear wether Mana talks of himself, the actor or the viewer.
*3 I found Art Zoid on, but could not manage to get to know wether Nosferatu is one of their songs or a song at all. At least there is no album named like that. *4 original: Haoubekki