Translation of Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 2

This translation comes from Lapis (flokati_san) @ Ongaku no Hon'yaku.

"To reflect your own style - that's the key to let your world arise"*1

Mana-sama is living the philosophy of those, who image themselves a world in which vampires and gothic philosophy exist*2. That's the worldview he expresses in the music of Malice Mizer and the fashion brand he's producing called "Moi-même-Moitié". And this time again, [Mana-sama is] presenting the fashion of ladies' EGL-line and neutral gender's EGA-line.
Mana: "I'm thinking that men look quite good wearing skirts as well, so that's the reason why I also came up with the male line of EGA-line*3. Because in the recent times more men step into [MMM-] Shop, I want them, if they gain interest in it, to be brave and take the challenge and try it." Fashion is limitless and reflecting your own world is [the proof of] bravery.

But to become a habitant of the gothic world like Mana-sama, what would one say is good to start with? We have asked Mana-sama to answer that question.
Mana: "Wouldn't it be good to watch a movie like Dracula as a beginning? As for me, I like 'Majin Dracula' (Count Dracula) a lot. Then I think, you should listen to some church music like the one of Bach and have a look at books about european gothic architecture and once done so, you should be able to understand the [gothic] nature. If you then like the gothic world, you'll explore it thoroughly in all its details. You'll adapt it to your lifestyle [and show it] at the same time. But compared to [the fashion of] the centre of the cities (if you're wearing Goth-Loli) you'll be watched with strange eyes and hear stories, but that's something you can't help. That's even happening to me. Even if strangely amazed eyes are following me, that's my style. If I made it like machting what the people like, I shouldn't have followed [the gothic style] in the first place. So if you have the courage, please try your best reflecting your style!"*4

That's what Mana-sama responsed to us. With these words treasured in your chest, you will be able to raise the spirit of Gothic Lolita in you ...

*1 not literally, but the sense is kept.

*2 not literally, but the sentence is no sentence, so I had to resturcture it to make it a sentence: Mana-sama, who lives the philosophy of those, who image themselves a world in which vampires and a gothic philosophy exist.

*3 Mana divides EGA into two lines, female and male line.

*4 It should be understood like "Don't let yourself down just because of what others say; go on reflecting what you like with pride and love in your heart.")