Translation from FOOL'S MATE March 2010 vol. 341 with photos
Original Text:

Dis inferno Vol. VII

鉄板ナンバーが並ぶセットリストも、視覚的なイメージが異なるだけで興奮度のベクトルがガラリと変わる。 そして、その盛り上がりは、中盛の告知をキッカケに大きく爆発することに。

この興奮がライヴの盛り上げりに拍車をかけ、この後の新曲からラストの「La dix croix」まで、メンバーと客席の呼吸が一休となって、場内は、おなじみの3曲とMana様がトラムを叩いての「LA VIE EN ROSE」(D'ERLANGER)、 毎年恒例のシメの一曲「君の瞳に恋してる」が演奏され、年忘れバーティーは無事終了した。
Mana様の ”2010年は特別な年になるだろう!”という予言の通り、今年のモワディスモワは、より攻めの活動を展開してくれるはず。

Translated Text:

Hell Feast
Dis Inferno Vol. VII

Not the yearly session style, the feeling of this one-man style program at this year-end party live seemed to have various different ideas than the typical one-man live!
First of all, in the beginning the audience screamed loudly for the member's costumes.
All the members appeared in a punk style that engendered a different atmosphere than usual.
Of course Mana gave everyone the biggest shock.
He wore a pink gauze shirt and mini skirt, and with red lipstick drawn on his lips his gothic punk style was very pretty.
The exciting vector surely transformed the iron number set list line up and the different visual image.
Then at the climax, a big explosion started within an announcement.
A new album will be released in 2010 and Mana-Sama's birthday on March 19.

Further more at the live, there will be a coupling tour held with Kozi......
At the Tokyo performance Count Yu~ki will also make an appearance!
As Seth read a message from Yu~ki there was an uproar on the grounds.
This exciting live was heaping up in a spur, from a new song all the way to the last "La dix croix" when afterwards the members and the audience had a break, then the year-end party finished with success as three well known songs were played and Mana played the drums to "LA VIE EN ROSE" (D'ERLANGER) and then the yearly closing song "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" was played.
"dix" is a numerical word meaning 10.
Mana predicts "2010 will be a special year!", and this year Moi dix Mois is expected to expand to a flood of activity.
We are looking forward to spending a simulating New Year with them.
(Text by koudama mareko)
(Translation by Sarah @

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Mana playing drums on the scene of the end-of-year concert!