Frequently Asked Questions
The most frequently asked Mana questions are posted here. If you have any extra questions not addressed on this site, feel free to email me.

Who is Mana?
Mana is a Japanese guitarist who cofounded legendary Visual Kei band MALICE MIZER (on hiatus since 2001) and is currently the sole creator and producer of the band Moi dix Mois (considered his 'solo project'). His mission is to create the ultimate sound and imagery that accurately represents himself and his point of view.
Mana is not only a musician, but also the producer of his own clothing brand, Moi-meme-Moitie. Moi-meme-Moitie specializes in Japanese Gothic Lolita and Aristocrat fashion and fuses together with the Moi dix Mois image, which are often seen during concerts and events.

Why do some people refer to him as "Mana-Sama"?
"Sama" is a Japanese suffix generally used for people held in high status. This suffix is a reference not only to status but also extreme politeness. The most common litteral translations of "Sama" are "Lord", "Master", or simply a highly regarded "Mr/Mrs" depending on the situation. However, in Japanese culture, referring to yourself as "-sama" is considered incredibly arrogant, so the usage is regarded differently than say the western prefix "Dr." which can be used efficiently by both giving and receiving ends. Mana gained the "sama" suffix from fans and band mates during MALICE MIZER era and is still widely known today as "Mana-Sama" both amongst fans and in the music industry.

Is Mana a man or a woman?
Mana is a man. Although there are times where he will appear and dress as a woman, he once wrote in a Madousho, "it is not my life ambition is not to be a woman." Mana uses feminine styles as an Aesthetic representation. He feels that while there is naturally a physical difference between male and female, anyone should be able to dress/look however they wish and gender should not be regarded as an issue.
As a side note, there are also a couple MP3s and video clips floating around the internet of Mana actually speaking and he has a deep male voice.

Is Mana gay?
No, Mana is not gay. While Mana has never defined his sexual orientation, he occasionally talks about his attraction to women.

How come Mana never talks?
Mana has tried to explain this in a variety of ways. In a variety of MALICE MIZER related articles and interviews, he would often claim he didn't want to speak to people who didn't share his same interests. However, he more recently states his reasons for not speaking in public are that he would rather let his music speak for him and he is very shy. Mana DOES talk (and quite a bit as he claims!), just not infront of fans or on stage.

What is Mana's real name?
Mana himself has never released his name to the public. This topic is extremely controversial and there are tons of assumptions of what his name is, but no proof has ever surfaced amongst fans. Mana likes everyone to know him as Mana, and thus I believe that is something that will always stick for him in the public eye.

How old is Mana?
Once again, this is a largely debated question. Almost everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs on Mana's age. Nobody REALLY knows except for Mana, his friends, and his family along with whoever else he might have chosen to tell.

What is Mana's current relation to Gackt (MALICE MIZER vocalist)?
Mana and Gackt have not talked to each other since Gackt left MALICE MIZER in the 90's. Only they and the people they are close to seriously know what kind of terms they are on.

Where do you get all your information?
I have been a dedicated fan since around 2000 and began my journey by going through every interview, article, sound file, video, and website I could get my hands on when I lived in the US.
Now that I live in Japan my information comes from a variety of sources ranging from articles/interviews, to personal experiences via concerts, events, meeting Mana himself, and even long time Japanese fans! Truthfully, if you want to gain a lot of information on Mana, you just have to keep your eyes out and have an open mind. Be skeptical even! Not everything you find or hear on the internet or from other people will be 100% true all the time.

Having said that, is dedicated to factual information, so I do my best to weed out rumours from truth. If information seems questionable, it is not posted, but likewise I encourage anyone to point out misinformation (if they see it) so this site can remain accurate and true to who Mana is.

Will you translate a particular article for me?
Most likely I will!!
I am always interested in translating Mana related articles and there are still many I own but haven't finished translating yet. Sometimes I like to find articles that have unusual content or pictures and translate them for everyone, but if there is a specific article you are interested in having translated I am willing to do it as long as I have or can get a physical copy of it. Unfortunately due to sizing it is often times too difficult for me to see all the kanji clearly in scanned articles and I like to post articles I finished translating onto my blog and this website so its best that I have a real copy of the material to work with. However, I do own quite an extensive collection of magazines already, so there is a chance I may already own the article you're looking for and can make it a priority to translate!