Düsseldorf. 19-10-2007. 00:33 H.
Written by: Fure Chama

DIX! What an indescribably (indescribable, I will be using that word a lot!) fantastic experience! An evening to which many an evening has paled and will pale! 18 October 2007, Krefeld is an evening never to forget!

The afternoon began a little difficult. First missing the train of 16:09 from Düsseldorf and having to wait for the next for half an hour, then getting off a station too early, a next train that doesn't drive because of a strike (there HAD to be a transport strike that day! Perfect timing! >_<) and again another train that comes to late. Around six I finally arrive at Krefeld central station. I run to platform 2, because I told Grottesca (whom I would be meeting there) that's where I would arrive (this train apparently didn't). After a bit of waiting I SMS her I'm at the top of the stairs of platform 2. Several probable concert goers walk by; she's not there. For some reason calling doesn't seem to work, so I head for the station entrance and message her I'll be waiting there. When there's no sign of her around seven, I leave for the Kulturfabrik and SMS her I'm going there. It's easy to find, and the sight of the many lolita's, K's and Mana's (among others) at least tells me I'm at the right spot. At first I'm feeling a bit out of place with all the beautiful elaborate costumes around me, but seeing a couple of jeans wearers quickly end that feeling (at least I'm completely in black ^^). After a bit of waiting the fences open and we head for the Kulturfabrik building. A Japanese guy is filming with a large camera (will I be on the DVD?!) It all goes quickly and despite the jerkass security guards who without second thought threw away my little Ice Tea bottles (what the heck did they think I was going to do with them? Play "Who can knock out most band members"?! Offer Mana-sama and the guys a drink?!) we're quickly (less than 15 minutes after entering) in the hall where it's all going to happen. Quickly walking to the stage I find myself a space at about the fourth row. It gets crampy real soon and my back already starts to hurt, but the coming performance makes me fight on. We see how some test people test the several instruments (I joke in thought how different Moi dix Mois looks without make-up). First comes Sugiya's bass, followed by K's guitar, the microphone and Hayato's drums. And then come Mana-sama's gorgeous Jeune Filles! I'm totally jealous especially at that guy (and very likely not the only one)! The waiting goes on for a while, but around nine the monotone background music stops, and the lights go out...

An enchanting feeling crawls over me when 'sacred lake' sounds through the speakers. One for one the Big Five come on stage: Hayato, Sugiya, K, Mana-sama, and Seth. Back in black! Heaven breaks open! They begin with 'Metaphysical' (the perfect opener for a concert in the fated 'raison d'etre' tour) and 'exclude' is next. All give everything they have, they go for it the full 300% (if not more) and many a fanatical fan (myself not excluded, though I wasn't as exuberant as most. I was too deep in an ecstatic trance for that. very exuberant still though ^^) moved forward as K, Seth or Mana-sama got into touching distance (ONE row further to the front and I could have touched one of them!). And what did we get more? Like pretty much all of Dixanadu and Lamentful Miss! ' Immortal Madness' , where K and Seth spurred us to shout out Dix Love: harder and harder we had to go and it was fantastic! 'neo pessimist', where I had the honour of finally actually witnessing the legendary demon Dix Megaphone! Before 'dispel bound' began, the band (led by K in wonderful Jingrish. so cute! reminded me a bit of me speaking a language I know but can't speak fluently. ^^ "Ok. First word is 'D'!" XD) gave us instructions as to what movements we had to make at D-I-X - DIX. I'm not putting them here now, as to not spoil it (though that's actually VERY hard) for those still going to a concert, but if you want to know them, send me a message. And then it broke loose: what an amazing experience, the chanting along with so many others of D-I-X - DIX! Amazing! What I found (somewhat) surprising was that they even performed a Juka-era song, namely Nocturnal Opera's 'vizard'. Here also Seth did an excellent (if I may say so live even better than Juka!) job. Next to that we were also treated to songs like 'Perish', 'A Lapis Night's Dream', of course followed by 'Lamentful Miss', the beautiful 'Last Temptation', and not to forget the song dedicated to us; 'Angelica'! A couple Beyond the Gate titles also came past (quite early actually ^^; ), namely 'Unmoved' and 'Vain'.

After leaving the stage for a short while and the German fans calling out to them something I didn't understand (I was actually expecting "Moi dix Mois, Moi dix Mois!" or "Dix Love, Dix Love!"), they came on again one by one to play the encores. The ear-soothing 'Xanadu' was live again an incredible pleasure to hear, as well as the Seth version of 'forbidden' (even better than the studio version!), Deus Ex Machina and finally we saw Mana-sama take hold of his gorgeous Jeune Fille Blanche (please forgive me if I didn't write the name right) to play the closing song of the evening, 'Lilac of Damnation'. When eventually we could hear the sounds of 'sacred like' again it was clear it was almost over. One by one they bowed and walked off the stage and when Mana-sama then made his bow and elegantly left the stage, the end was now unfortunately a reality.

For a while I stood still, and then wandered around; enchanted, ecstatic, entranced. Until I finally headed for the merchandise stand, and bought a tour shirt and Malice Mizer's Bara no Seidou (all Moi dix Mois cd's they had I already had as well). Once outside I walked through nightly Krefeld to the station, stil ever in the enchantment the Big Five of Moi dix Mois had brought me in.

Little drummer Hayato with his new haircut was lovably hyper and spazzy, and at times even reminded me a bit of Miyavi (even though I have never seen the latter perform, not even on video)! Sugiya, the amazing bass player with a constant stoned or drunk look on his face (that minigame on the Dixanadu LE portrays him so well! XD) and headbang skills that could certainly rival with the others of the band. K was again his raw and crazy old self (and I would have it no other way!): whether he shouted out his death vocals or instructed us in Jingrish, he was always enjoyable to the extreme! And props to the guy who did his eye make-up! Seth was probably even wilder than I had thought and seen on video, and, as I also noticed, he seemed to look more "feminine" than on the pictures. But whatever you say, he's still the second hottest band member on my list! And then Mana-sama: he was, as ever, Mana-sama... More words to explain that are not needed, not even possible or wanted, as it could not possibly give the credit and honour that his indescribably wonderful performance deserves!

What a performance... Wow! With that single word in mind and from my mouth I walked further to the station, put on my new shirt and got on the train back to Düsseldorf. This evening was to be called no less than indescribable! Hayato, Sugiya, K, Seth, and of course Mana-sama: Arigatou gozaimasu! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing me this little yet indescribably beautiful piece of heaven...

(P.S.: At some moments I believe I might even had eye contact with Seth and Mana-sama!!! Eeeeee!!!!)