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Moi dix Mois & ZIZ at Akasaka BLITZ

In its completely gothic world, Moi dix Mois who has obtained tremendous popularity in Japan as well as Europe held their live "Fragments of Philosophy Chapter 5 Sacred Abyss Deep Sanctuary III" at Akasaka BLITZ. On this day, aside from Moi dix Mois, sworn friend KOZI, the leader of ZIZ, since MALICE MIZER times also performed. Since MALICE MIZER's activity is on hiatus it wasn't quite a co-starring act, but since 2008 MANA and Kozi have been doing lives together from time to time. When these two guitarists come together as kindred souls, don't they somehow become quite captivating? Also at this live, the MALICE MIZER bassist, Yu~ki, also participated as a special guest. The venue had a number of meanings for the alumni of MALICE MIZER and their current statuses. So without delay, we'll introduce their instruments.


These are the three guitars that MANA used. In Moi dix Mois the main guitars are the dazzling pure white jeune fille X Gips, and the mysterious lapis lazuli colored jeune fille X lazuli. Both have a cross portion that lights up known as a CrossRay. There is also one more guitar, the main guitar used in MALICE MIZER, the jeune fille.


As you can see the cross portion lights up. On the control port of it, [the light] goes from a slow flickering ~ a fast blinking with a dimming control that can be used.


This was the MALICE MIZER era main guitar, jeune fille. This is fundamentally the same as the jeune fille X, but the pick up, bridge, and head shape is different. Can you tell that the body is a little bit different too?


These are the original models "Le Monstre sanglant" (the bloodstained monster) used by Moi dix Mois' guitarist K. The main characteristics of it are the acute angles to give it a bat-like shape. There is another new one that has just been released making a total of two [guitars]. Its difficult to see in this picture, but the color is mat black. On the very left hand side is Sugiya's original model, the bassist of Moi dix Mois.

Continuing on, we'll introduce sworn friend Kozi's instruments. The one used this time was the main guitar used in MALICE MIZER era when they were active, Akauzu-kun.


Akauzu-kun is a beautiful model made with a quilted maple laminated on the top part of the body. The scroll portion gives it a three-dimensional finish -- this beautiful body shape is a favorite.


As for Shirouzuko, its generally closely packed with a silver lipped oyster [look].

The next live with the same combination [of performers] ~Fragments of Philosophy Chapter 5 Sacred Abyss Deep Sanctuary III~ has been decided for November 14. By all means please check it out.

(Photos from Nov. 9, 2012 at Akasaka BLITZ)

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