December 30, 2009: Dis Inferno 7
Report by Sarah @

We got to the venue at close to 5:00 which was when everyone was to go inside. I never got my dis inferno confirmation ticket even though I emailed Mon+Amour more than 10 times, even with alternate email addresses, but lucky for me my friend Alex had two extra tickets so I got one! I got to be ticket number 8, first row!

About an hour later the concert finally started up. K ran out spitting beer at everyone, and Mana ran out throwing alcohol from a can at the crowd. Everyone also had on different outfits for the occassion.

Hayato had on a black T-shirt, brown and black plaid capri looking pants and rocking horse shoes. His hair has gotten pretty short now. It was REAALLY short in the back and then longer in the front, but still that same red color.

Sugiya sorta looked like a school boy with glasses on, a long coat and pants

K reminded me of a skeleton. He painted his face completely white an then black around the eyes, and then his outfit was still kinda similar to many of his others in Moi dix Mois. He was wearing a corset similar to Mana's black corsets he wears sometimes, and a black and white shirt and i think black pants.

Seth had on a leopard print jacket with no shirt underneath and it was unbuttoned so we could see all his tatoos and piercings.

And then finally Mana. He had on a GBH shirt that looked identical to the one he wore last year or the year before but this time it was BRIGHT pink! He was also wearing a very short black and pink tulle skirt. I actually think the bottom half was an old skirt he wore during malice mizer because it looked very similar to the black skirt he wore during beast of blood live in Malice Mizer, only with no petticoat so it was a little more flat. Then over that bottom layered skirt he had a bright neon pink tulle skirt over it cut in sort of jagged layers all around. Then he had on his lace tights he often wore in Malice Mizer, along with an older pair of thigh high Moitie socks made of the same material used for tights, and then big black platform boots with buckles all the way up. His hair was dix style with a tule black and pink head dress and crosses on it, then his make up was all pink and he wore a TON of black, pink, and white necklaces. His fingernails were also painted pink and he had on some black leather wrist bands.

I can't really remember the set list because the concert was nearly 3 hours, but they played several songs that we have heard in the past lives, along with a lot of MUCH older songs (ie la dix croix, dialogue symphonie, and unmoved) and then lots of new songs. All the new songs were really good. One of the songs I really liked started out with a classical and chorus sound and then the guitars played a very interesting hard rock tune. It was a faster song and sounded like something that will probably become popular on CD.

In the middle of the concert, everyone was able to share their memories of the year 2009 with Moi dix Mois. They mostly talked about going to America, V-Rock Festival and the Mad Tea Party event. Seth mentioned being on the plane on the way to the US and he kept ordering more beer. Sugiya mentioned the Mad Tea Party concert was very memorable for him because it was on his birthday. K talked about going to the US, but I forget what he said and I can't remember what Hayato talked about at all.

When it was Mana's turn, he brought out a Moi dix Mois folder and handed it to Seth who had to read it out loud. Seth had to turn away from the mic for a minute because he started cracking up and then all of a sudden the lights went out, some supposedly "scary" Mana music started playing, a strobe light went off and Mana and Seth were in spot lights. Apparently Mana tried to make his memories more story like about his life and talked about eating chocolate and writing in his Aesthetics and Mon+Amour. Then Seth read out loud 腐腐腐・・・ (Fufufu -- The laugh Mana writes out ALL the time on his Aesthetics/blog) in a REAALLYY loud high pitched voice and everyone started cracking up. XD

Afterwards, they made some announcements. There will be a Deep Sanctuary 2 concert tour in the summer with Yu~ki this time as the special guest and they are hoping a new album will be released in the coming year, but Mana is still working on it. When they mentioned that, everyone yelled out "Ganbatte!" to Mana (it means good luck/do your best)

There was also a drawing for 5 people to win Moi-meme-Moitie coffin purses signed by all the band members, but I didn't win one nor did anyone I know who went. Still a nice prize though!

After that the concert started back up again with Immortal Madness and everyone yelled "dix love" as always. This time Mana wanted everyone to make a heart shape with their hands when we said "dix Love" so everyone followed along.

Also Dispell Bound was played and for ONCE they didn't explain how to do the hand signs to it. I swear, almost every Moi dix Mois concert I've been to where they played Dispell Bound they were STILL explaining the D-I-X hand movements. It was nice for once to not have to go through that whole thing all over again.

Eventually the concert was over, but everyone yelled for an encore so everyone came back in the same outfits and played more songs. After a while they went back off again and we had to wait for the second last half of the performance.

Mana came out on stage and stood at the edge holding up two drum sticks, then ran for the drums, then Hayato came out on guitar and everyone else played their usual instruments. I'm not exactly sure what the session band was called, but I believe Seth mentioned the song was influenced from when they went to V-Rock Festival. I think it was called "Premier Rose" but I could be wrong. It was (obviously) a rock song, I think from the 80's.

Mana looked a little exhausted at times, especially by the end of the song but I didn't think he was terribly bad at drums. Hayato was really fun to watch on guitar. He danced around a lot on stage and would come up to the crowd and make faces at everyone. After the song was over Seth spoke a little more and the whole time Hayato stood in front of a little fan and sat there and aired himself out the ENTIRE time. Its hard to explain but it was really hilarious to watch. XD

Finally the VERY last song came on, which was a really weird techno-y version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You". Suddenly HUGE balloons came out from the back and everyone was throwing then around. A lot of times they would get stuck in the front and all the band members would have to run over and get them and throw them back into the crowd. At one point in time Mana ran this middle on the same level as us between the stage and the barakade for the crowd and we all got to touch him as he ran by. Also, he had to keep getting the balloons unstuck. One of them got stuck right by me so he stood in front of me for quite some time to get it unstuck and I sat there and pet him on the back. LOOL XDDDDD Well lots of other people were touching him anyway so it wasn't a big deal, but it was kinda funny. XDDD

During that song all the band members were throwing out little colored balls to the crowd that said Dis Inferno. Sugiya made balloon animals and threw them out to everyone, and then Mana and I think Seth (or K) were popping sprinklers at everyone.

Finally when that song was over it was time to leave. Suddenly right when I could move some guy came up to me and gave me a Mana guitar pick he caught during the concert!! I have NO idea why he gave it to me; he didn't say a word but I was totally shocked and couldn't thank him enough! It was so nice of him!

Finally everyone went outside to leave. I found a few friends I've made from past concerts and Mana events so we all hung around for a while and took pictures together. Two of the girls asked if I wanted to stick around the venue for a while and see Mana leave, so I agreed. Honestly, I felt a little strange about standing there waiting. I'm not accustomed to doing anything like that so after a while I really kinda wanted to go and I was feeling weird about it, but since my friends wanted to stay I had to stay too. Fortunately for me Alex was there too. After a while I was getting bored of waiting and stood sort of back from the road everyone was waiting on away from everyone else. Suddenly I saw K and Seth get i K's car in leave and shortly after was Mana! Two of the girls went CRAZY! They started screaming and waving to him and at first he sorta glanced at them, then when he got in the car with his manager. As they drove off he waved to each of us individually. I was kinda hoping he didn't see me since I was standing near the back away from everyone and in my Mana cosplay, but he looked right at me and gave me a Mana wave/hand movement! He had on no make up and normal Mana black clothes and sunglasses. To be honest, after it was all over I kinda feel like it was worth it just because it was so fun to see him with no make up on!

Overall it was a really fun night! I was kinda hoping for more skits and interaction during the concert, but I guess not this time. However, I still had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed Dis Inferno!!