2007 -- From here on out I will attempt to translate Mana's Aesthetics (journal entries) from his website:
Please don't hold me to it if something in my translations are wrong, because I'm still in the process of learning Japanese. This means I'm not fluent still!!

December 24, 2007 The password is Destroy

me - ku!! (Merry Christmas)
Presently it is Christmas everywhere in the world.
For me, the day after tomorrow I will be in the middle of the Dis inferno V rehearsal.
The rehearsal is doing well so far. Preparation! Charging for perfection!
This year there will also be a surprise! The events are running continuously!!!
For this being a little frivolous, I regret if there are any changes.
However, I am still looking forward to it.
So on that day, lets burst the place open!!!



December 18, 2007 Preparations are going good!

One week until Dis Inverno V.
For me, it has been somewhat noisy within the work place.
By all means, on this day there will be a lot of drinking and singing at the end of the year party!
Everyone, lets burst the place with all our strength!!
Come and dress up as you like. Party.
By all means colorful and basuteru.
Anyway, make up yourselves loudly!

Also, watch the members on this day.
Look foward to pafooman*
and of course prepare for Moi dix Mois' musical performance.
Our triumphant return will be the best dix night in history.

The other day, the official Europe Tour DVD details were released, but there was an error in the published information.
Two of the songs were omitted from the set list.
We received many emails about this.
You are clever dixtors. Very sharp.
But just so know,to keep you at peace of mind, all songs played will be in the musical performance.


*Pafooman appears to be some type of video game system.


Dec. 12, 2007 Mellotron baby of today's age

Recently, There have been a lot of sleepless nights because various work is piling up on me.
Noise is elapsing mello
Anyhow, editing of the EU tour live DVD is finished and will be released soon.
Perhaps by the middle of Janurary it will be for sale.
This time, in the full musical composition collection gives a feeling where a direct presence of the live is transmitted.
Also, special images of the members will appear in this appearance!
decay decay decay...

Look forward to it.



Nov. 25, 2007 Yesterdays wing was purely warm

I am now flooded with memories of yesterday's randezvous.
The weather was also good, and everyone was dressed so stylish.
Every year, this clandestine meeting is a special day and the feelings have a significant meaning because it shows a reaffirmation to me.
After this, my mission is to make the best music I can in the future.

Thank you for coming, my dears.



2007 11 20 The secret meeting is a sweet and dangerous scent.

More and more the randevous gets near.

These days, I have been hoping for calm weather.
But rainy days are also romantic, so I don't hate them either.

This time is for you.
The heart is not here.

It leaves the body obediently.
After all, I will escort you at the chandelier......

I invite you to a sweet fragrance, a world of two people......

I look forward to our encounter then.



2007 11 14 Atop that same hill, with the single cedar tree.....

It seems the time is fast approaching for our rendezvous.
This is a special, once-a-year day.
I'll be looking forward to this enjoyable day and time.

Right now, I am preparing for the end of year Dis inferno.
Working on things like the editing on the Europe tour DVD,
the special edition Madousho about the tour,
and working on compositions for the new person I'm producing......
It feels pretty noisy around here.

For this year's Dis inferno, I've decided our guest performer will be Mix Speaker's Inc.
Why them? You may be asking in surprise, so I'll explain for you.

At our Dark Sanctuary event in August, the band members came,
and through the event promoter, I received a notice that they wanted to see me, so when the live ended, we met up and put our heads together [?].
After that, they approached me, saying they'd like to do a show with me, so like that, we all decided that they would perform for Dis inferno.
They seem like a pretty interesting band, so I'm looking forward to that day.

Well then, after the 10th, I'll be waiting for you in the usual place.
As the wind softly blows......



Oct. 31, 2007 Homecoming

Somehow I managed to return safely back to Japan.
We were a big hit over there.

Anyhow, The last day's Paris performance venue became full, and rose to the best night.
I can say with confidence that the place was filled with a lot of males, maybe about 2/3rds?
Thats what I gathered.
It was impressive that this tour was overall male [fans].
I also saw a lot of people wearing Moi-meme-Moitie.
It was quite a spectacle.

It might be something that will surely be noticed on the live DVD.
I hope you look forward to it.
To the people who came to this Europe tour
dix Love.

p.s. There is an extra surprise chapter.
I arrived at Narita and some investigators and a drug-sniffing dog approached me and my luggage in customs.
The drug dog was sniffing my luggage.
I took out what I had, my black clothes and musical instruments.

Slowly the investigator turned to me and said "I always listen to Moi dix Mois"!
For me, such words came a surprise!
Somehow, I was glad to see that such people listen to my music.



26-OCT-2007 Let's make a great night in paris!!

It was the first long Europe tour,
but I realized that tomorrow will already be the last concert in Paris.

Time went by very fast.

When I think about the happy faces of the fans from each country, I feel very lonely that the next concert will be the last.

Tomorrow will be the tour final.

I promise that it will be great enough to call it final.

Let the whole concert hall be full with the dix sign.

To you who come to the Europe Tour, and to all the people who love Moi dix Mois;

dix Love!!



Oct. 20, 2007 EU Crossing

At the present, I am safely crossing in Europe.
Lately, I'm going through each nation by a huge double decker bus.
On the first floor, there is a living room, and on the second floor there is a bedroom and a theater room.
Now, somehow Moi dix Mois lives are watched day and night.
Hot Talk is being unfolded.

As for the lives, fans line up beside the venue the day before in the cold weather and snow.
I feel the Europe power.
However, I worry that the people lining up are going to catch a cold.

During the live, everyone's dispell bound posing is beautiful.
It is the Europe assembly hall's state of dix Love!!

The day after the live, news programming was aired of the Moi dix Mois in Finland.
I was able to see the news report in real time from the television monitor because I was still in the club at that time.
So to speak, I was surprised it was similar to the 11 O'clock news in Japan!

During the free time in Germany, please look forward to pictures being taken of the members within the location.

You will be able to enjoy in detail this large feature in the Madousho!!

And so, the EU crossing will continue......



10-9-2007 Notice 3 & Setting off for the Trip

Information 3

A live DVD for the Europe Tour is going to be released!
It is the first video with the current members.
We have kept you waiting.
The DVD filming/photographing crew are also beginning to prepare for it.
The members will make an appearance in each country.
A small mysterious treasure might be able to be seen.
I hope you look forward to it.

Before at the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka lives I received a great responce for this.
However it was very sudden at the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka lives, but it was decided to be done.
I thought it was a wonderful idea.
Until now, I felt so much of the dixtors spirit and power, but now I embrace the feelings expressed during the tour.
At the time it was receieved I felt the dixtor's hot power.

Hopefully the Europe tour will be a success and I will come and return my feelings in Japan.
Also, please sent your dixton powers from Japan!!!

The final day of the DVD shooting will be in Paris!!
Let's finish the DIXANADU tour and make this day the highest night!!
I want to concentrate on this final day by all means!

Now then, I will be starting my journey to Europe soon.
Lets bring all of our love on this day. dix Love!!!



10-5-2007 Notice 2

A notice before the continuation ahead of this.

The next live is on 12-26 at Shibuya O-East
We will be presenting Dis Inferno V.
On this day, drink and sing at the big end of the year party!!
I will once again display my special skills.
Be prepared for it!
It is uncertain what we will jump out with this year (decay decay decay...)
Come and enjoy yourself.
It is a special big once a year party
To leave unseen, It seems a bit regrettable.
On this day, everyone appear as you like
I would like to party until sun set!
Because this is a wild day, I will dress myself in a special fashion only on this day!!



10-2-2007 A Informational Commentary
To those not able to come to the Tokyo live,
The Moi-meme-Moitie 8th anniversary "Secret Meeting" will be at the Shinjuku Christon Cafe on November 24th.
On this day, the two of us will have a short randezvous
This short inderdiction of Romance is a special day.
I am waiting now with you to spend the day for this sweet moment.

P.S. At this Tokyo live there was a lot of crowding/pushing.
Dixtors faces had a look of "aahh~!" in them due to over crowding.
Although, I understand a little that you want to get as close to the stage as you can...



9-28-2007 On Behalf of the highest night of all

It was the final day and highest night of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.
Now days, the distors power is amazing.
This time the power was greatly received by all distors in the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka tour.
With this, I felt everyone’s hot desire for me to be able to start my journey to Europe.
Notice three places in Germany have in haste been canceled this time by the promoter on the other side……
I feel sorry for everyone’s schedules who have had to been cancelled at these concert halls.
I was also looking forward to it, so it is very regrettable.
I feel perplexed for such a sudden accident, but I will make the best of it in Europe.


9-26-2007 Tokyo

It’s the final day of the DIXANADU Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka [tour].
Dance, go mad! Daikanyama!
For the sake of everyone, it’s the highest night.



9-20-2007 Did you get fired up!?

I’m safely back in Tokyo. The temperature burn violently in Nagoya and Osaka,
the live’s reverberation was flooding in.
How was the beginning of a long tour?
Such as I thought, it was useless to worry.
Everyone’s hot power was amazing. We also felt things heat up!
Also this time the heat felt highest it has ever been.
Everyone shall feel the disutors power!!

Next is the Tokyo live, the highest night.

p.s. Lets rise up, before I start packing.
Because Dixtors previously in Nagoya and Osaka started fainting, are you ok? I was worried.



9-14-2007 Nagoya/Osaka

Soon it will be the Nagoya and Osaka lives
This is our first tour in a long time, it is fukudoki*
Firmly listen to the album for the tour
Please revise and review.
Also, have you listened to DIXANADU Limited Edition?
Listen to the instrumentals, haven't you noticed any new discoveries in the songs?
Also concerning the CD Extra, the desktop and *-*** are pretty useful.......
Decay decay decay......Maybe you will also understand in the next Madousho issue?
I don't know!!
I will be arriving to the Nagoya and Osaka disuto (distors/dixstor)
I look forward to meeting you.

*Fukudoki = I didn't know the meaning of this, but I assume it has something to do with beying joyful or excited.


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